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DNN 8 Module Challenge

The DNN Team is proud to present the DNN 8 Module Challenge.

DNN 8 introduces two new module types to give developers even more flexibility in developing cutting edge modules for DNN. The module challenge is aimed at engaging with the DNN developer community to push the boundaries of these exciting new platform features. Not only will you learn how to use these new features, but you’ll be helping to build the learning tools for the next generation of DNN developers.

We are looking for the best you have to offer. The winning module submissions could walk away with up to $10,000 in cash.

DNN 8 SPA module sample code
cash prizes


When we first sat down to discuss prizes, we thought of all the cool gadgets we could award: Surface Pro 4, iPad Pro, Quad Copters, 3D printers etc.  But you know what's better than awesome gadgets?  That's right: Cold, hard, cash! Build the most awesome module ever and you could be walking home with pockets full of the stuff.

Prizes will be awarded in three different categories:
Best MVC module, Best SPA module, and Community Choice Award

Grand Prize

The grand prize entry in each category will receive $5000.

2nd Place

The 2nd Place entry in each category will receive $1500.

Each module submission will be judged in either the MVC or SPA module category.  All module submissions will be entered into the Community Choice Awards and winners will be determined based on community voting.

Build a really amazing module and you could win in one of the Judged categories (MVC or SPA) as well as in the Community Choice Awards for a total of $10000!

Module Challenge Entries

The DNN 8 Module Challenge is over.  These modules really show off the power of the new MVC and SPA frameworks.  You can use these modules in your own site, or use them as examples to help you get started.

View the Entries

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