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Mobile-Responsive CMS Administration

Mobile-responsive page management in Evoq

Evoq's back-end CMS menus are all mobile-responsive.

Since it's necessary to provide a great mobile experience to visitors, shouldn't the same apply to the CMS itself?

All of the administration in Evoq (e.g. menus, persona bar, dashboards, etc.) are mobile-ready, which means you can manage your CMS from mobile devices. Launch a new page while on the go, or moderate a flagged comment from your tablet.


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There are times you need to push a page live or moderate a comment while not at your desk. With a mobile-friendly CMS back-end, you can do this from your tablet or phone.

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Check Campaign Status on the Go

Since all of Evoq's dashboards are mobile-friendly, you can check in on the latest campaign no matter where you are, from desktop, tablet or smartphone.

How to Use

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How to Access

The Evoq administration areas are mobile-friendly out of the box. No set-up or configuration is needed.

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Page Editing

Editing with our WYSIWYG editor is best done on desktops or tablets. The limited screen real estate makes this activity challenging from smartphones.

Page and content management from your tablet.

Evoq creates mobile-friendly pages for visitors; it's back-end CMS tools are also mobile-friendly. 

Mobile-responsive page management in Evoq         Mobile-responsive community management in Evoq

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In a custom demo, we can show you the key capabilities you're interested in.

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