Product Development

Harness the Power
of Customer Communities to Fuel Product Development.

The intense pressure to innovate quickly can lead to product decisions based on pure conjecture or overly simplified research data (and few insights into what your customers really want.) You can end up wasting precious resources on products that don't fulfill the right needs, and don't sell.

Evoq puts you directly in touch with customers in a way market research cannot. Use customer insight to prioritize the product development efforts that will make the biggest impact, and build the products and services your customers crave.

product innovation

Leverage an online customer community to drive new products, services and CMS development to always hit the mark.

product innovation

Harness the power of your customers’ expertise

No one understands your products better than your customers. Comprehensively mine the ideas and input of your customer community, and uncover creative ideas that will gain market traction. Leverage Evoq Engage as a dynamic customer feedback tool that lets you listen to customers freely discuss your products.

Increase interaction with a unified online experience

Make it easy for customers to provide product input any time they are on your website. By doing so, you'll expose prospects to both authoritative, company content, and subjective customer reviews and discussions. Learn what products they are considering and why.

Boost brand loyalty by soliciting and responding to input

Social listening in your branded online community demonstrates the value your organization places on customer input. Respond more quickly and effectively to their feedback, and customers will become long-term advocates.

Reduce the cost and effort of gathering feedback

Harness a low-cost channel that enables efficient, intelligent cultivation of customer input. Stop relying on labor-intensive, sporadic, and costly efforts like customer advisory boards and surveys.

Evoq features that maximize customer participation and product insights.



Solicit customer input using a range of ideation techniques: opportunity statements, customer wish lists, brainstorming exercises, and more. Let customers vote on their favorite ideas.



Create discussion forums on specific products, markets, and other interests, so customers can participate in highly relevant conversations—and you can gain targeted product insights.



Give staff, customers, and other visitors an easy way to tap into the expertise of the community for timely, relevant answers. Harness the lessons from these interactions to fix product issues and improve user experience.



Monitor customer activity trends and get actionable intelligence on popular topics and ideas, as well as common complaints or issues.



Boost customer engagement in product innovation by awarding points and privileges for submitting ideas, participating in focus groups, or testing new products.



Intuitive moderation controls let you review and approve content, respond to customer ideas, limit feedback timelines, and more.

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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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