Online Community Management

Use Cases for Online Community Management

Online community management provides an online platform that brings together people with like-minded interests or values. There are endless use cases for online community management.


Customer Community

Customer communities enable customers to share knowledge, learn from their peers, and get answers to their questions. A successful customer community doesn’t just benefit your customer service organization. It also gives your customers a platform for sharing product suggestions and feedback. In addition, it can help your marketing team understand customers’ business challenges and buying preferences.


Thought Leadership

Online community management can connect industry practitioners, who come together to solve pressing or common industry challenges. Community members can answer each other’s questions as well as publish original thought leadership content. A good example is the Marketing Nation online community managed by Marketo.


Product Innovation

Online community management can be leveraged to engage with your customers and industry experts to help inform your product roadmap. The online community becomes a powerful focus group, available 7x24x365. Who better to suggest new products and services or to review emerging ideas than customers and industry experts? Optimize product planning and development with crowd-sourced ideas.



An online community solution can help bring people together around a common mission or cause. Community members can share experiences related to a health condition or rally members to raise funds or support a mission. A good example of a cause-based community is COPD360social from the COPD Foundation.


Membership Organization

Online community management is well suited to membership organizations, such as clubs and professional associations. The community site can publish the latest industry articles and list a calendar of events for members to attend. In addition, the community platform serves as a communication vehicle for members to stay in contact throughout the year.

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