Member Engagement

Energize and Engage Group Membership Through an Online Community.

Does your member site feel like a lonely outpost or a buzzing coffee shop? Has membership growth plateaued? Important initiatives failed to gain traction?

If you manage a non-profit, trade association, or other special interest group, membership is the lifeblood that sustains your organization. Translate this into an online community on your website and instantly increase member engagement. Software like Evoq helps you expand and energize your community towards achieving its objectives.

member engagement

Give your association or professional group all the advantages of an online community.

member engagement

Attract new members and supporters

Establish an active, vibrant community site that generates positive word-of-mouth and attracts new audiences organically via keyword-rich content in community discussions and blogs.

Increase member retention and renewal

Establish a group dialog that breeds increased engagement, satisfaction, and commitment to your organization’s cause. Turn passive members into active champions.

Fuel participation in important initiatives and goals

Generate more interest and involvement in your most important work—whether your group is trying to raise funds, shape policies, or start a movement. Gather members around the group's mission, to share and vote on ideas, contribute expertise, and reward them to spur continued engagement.

Deliver member services more effectively

Create a one-stop shop for members to take advantage of the group’s services. Make it easy to donate, form committees, or register for events, at less cost.

  10 Step Plan to Building an Online Member Community

Evoq features that foster online community engagement and commitment.

community collaboration

Community Engagement

Give members a rich forum for interaction and collaborationn via specificmodules like Discussions, Wikis, Answers, Ideas and Events.

community management

Community Management

Get all the tools a community manager needs to cultivate an active community: sophisticated moderation controls, gaming mechanics, analytics, task management, and more.

mobile ready


Complete mobile feature set lets you build a mobile-optimized site, so your community can be active on any device, from anywhere.

social media integration

Social Media Integration

Plug into major social media networks so members can engage with and share your content, dramatically expanding the reach of your community.

member profiles

Member Profiles

Enable members to build their identity in the community. Profiles can be personalized with member photo, and contact information, as well as display community points, reputation, and standing.


On-page optimization tools and advanced URL management ensure that search engines find you. Capitalize on content generated by your community—content that is a natural search engine magnet.


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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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