Intranet Software Solution

How to Select an Intranet Software Solution

With so many choices in the market, it’s easy to select the wrong intranet software solution. To find the solution best suited to your organization’s needs, define selection criteria, then evaluate each solution against those criteria.


Technology Stack

Your IT team will determine whether the intranet software solution needs to run a particular technology stack (e.g., .NET, Java, PHP). Alternatively, they may decide that the underlying technology stack doesn’t matter and that a cloud-based solution is preferred. If that’s the case, look for vendor solutions that are cloud-ready, rather than those provided as on-premises software.


Usability for Business Users

It’s important that an intranet software solution be usable by business users with no technical or programming knowledge. If business users can create and manage intranet content independently, they’ll be more productive. In addition, the IT team can spend more time on strategic initiatives, and less time supporting intranet users.



Intranet software must provide Single Sign-On (SSO) by integrating with your authentication system (e.g., Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, etc.). SSO enables users to authenticate to the intranet with the same credentials used to access company email, servers, etc. This provides a convenience to end users, as well as enhanced security for your organization.


Integrations and Connectors

Determine the key business systems you want to integrate with your intranet: benefits, payroll, ERP, expense reimbursement, etc. Look for intranet solutions that provide “out of the box” connectors to these systems. Alternatively, look for solutions that provide a network of certified implementation partners, who can provide custom development to implement the necessary integrations.


Support for Different Types of Content

The intranet is home to many types of content: documents, folders, web pages, video, presentations, GIFs and more. Find an intranet solution that supports all of the content types you use today, as well as those you plan to deploy tomorrow.


Social Collaboration

Look for an intranet solution that supports social collaboration features, such as activity feeds, social profiles, private messaging, wikis and gamification. Social collaboration enables employees to assemble in ad-hoc groups to solve a business problem. In doing so, they’ll establish connections and build bonds that bring the organization together.

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