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Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an effective digital marketing channel. The key is to determine the right frequency and to keep subscribers interested and engaged.


Build Your Subscriber List

The subscriber list is the foundation of your email marketing program. Are the “right” people subscribed to receive email communications from you? In other words, are they interested in your content, and do they match your ideal customer profile? Build your subscriber list through your website and social channels. If you attend or exhibit at trade shows, collect names and email addresses there. Above all else, ensure that subscribers give you explicit permission to email them.


Identify and Document Goals

Identify and document your email marketing goals. Are you looking to drive more sales, keep customers informed of your latest product features, or drive more donations for your non-profit initiatives? If you have a number of distinct goals, it may be a good idea to create multiple newsletters. Your users or customers can then choose which of your newsletters to subscribe to.


Select Email Marketing Software

The good news? There’s no shortage of email marketing tools available to you. A number of tools support a freemium model: a free offering in addition to paid plans for higher usage or larger list sizes. When selecting an email marketing tool, it’s important to look at pricing, supported list sizes, available templates, and sender reliability and reputation.


Select or Develop Email Marketing Templates

If your emails don’t look good, people won’t read them. Therefore, it’s important to use email templates that are well-designed, that match your brand personality, and that render well on both desktop and mobile devices. Most email marketing tools include a number of built-in templates. Alternatively, you can work with a designer or developer to create custom templates.


Decide on Send Frequency

How often you send emails to your list is an important consideration. Pick a frequency that makes sense for your audience and stick to it. Explicitly specify the send frequency when new users opt in to your list. If you exceed the frequency expected by your subscribers, your unsubscribe rate is likely to grow.

What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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