Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) can make or break the success of your campaign. Assuming you’re getting a viable amount of traffic to your landing pages, a single percentage gain in conversion rate can send your lead generation results skyrocketing.


Optimize and Improve Forms

Your form is often a key obstacle between your visitor and a conversion. How many form fields are you using? A form with 20 fields has a lower likelihood of conversion than one with 2 fields. How much friction are you introducing in the field types? Are the questions easy to answer, or are you expecting users to enter several characters of text? Finally, are you using available technology to auto-fill certain fields? All of these considerations can help improve your CRO.


Social Proof

If visitors arrive at your landing page and are not familiar with your brand, there’s a higher bar to cross to get them to take action. The use of customer testimonials, customer logos, or related social proof can give visitors the confidence in knowing you’re a brand trusted by others. That can increase the likelihood that they’ll download your white paper, request pricing, or start a software trial.


Analyze Data Across Landing Pages

Let your existing campaigns guide improvements in future ones. If you’re running more than one landing page, analyze the conversion rates for each one. You’ll likely see a wide range of results; for example, from 2% on the low end to 20% or more on the high end. Look for common attributes of the poor-converting vs. high-converting pages. Are there elements of the high-converting pages that you can apply to the low-converting ones?


A/B and Multivariate Testing

A/B and multivariate testing uses software to present multiple versions of a page to visitors. An A/B test measures the effect of a single element of a page, while a multivariate test involves changes to multiple elements of a page and how those elements interact with one another. By defining the desired outcome (e.g., click, form submission, or even a purchase), marketers can determine the version that was the most effective. Tests involve page elements, such as copy, button placement, color selection, call-to-action copy, and more.


Match Content and Offer to Ads

If you’re using paid advertising to drive traffic to your landing pages, ensure that the landing page offer and copy matches that of the advertisement. A mismatch will cause many visitors to immediately abandon. If necessary, create numerous landing pages, one to match each ad or group of ads.

What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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