Customer Engagement

Unleash the Power of Customer Engagement with our Platform.

Think of your customers as a source of renewable energy. They can be your best repeat buyers, referrers, product developers, market researchers, and sales representatives—if you encourage them and provide clear paths to engage. If you don’t cultivate this interest and provide a forum for their voices, you’re missing out.

With Evoq, your website becomes an online destination for engagement. Start implementing customer engagement strategies that convert silent customers into active advocates and advisors. Facilitate the type of interaction that increases loyalty, innovation, and revenue.

social customer engagement

Turn your customers into life-long, outspoken fans.

Evoq Content integrates and connects with other systems easily

Boost customer engagement on every level

Bring the customer perspective into all facets of sales, marketing, support, and product development. Increase participation in case studies, conferences, advisory councils, and focus groups.

Breathe new life into loyalty programs

Add an online community dimension to your customer loyalty program. Use gamification, discussion forums, and other techniques to grow program membership, incent and reward purchases and referrals, and increase overall engagement.

Give customers a reason to visit, and stay awhile

Establish your website as the go-to source for information and inspiration. Entice customers to spend more time on your site, browse more, interact more, and buy more.

Harness the power of happy customers

Offer customers a forum to share their satisfaction and success, and they’ll start generating your most powerful sales tools: referrals and recommendations. Identify hot topics in your customer community that can inform marketing, sales, and product development.

Powerful features in Evoq to ignite customer engagement.



Give staff, customers, and other visitors an easy way to tap into community expertise for timely, relevant answers. Harness the intelligence from these interactions to fix product issues and improve user experience.



Create discussion forums on specific products, markets, and other interests so customers can participate in highly relevant conversations—and you can gain targeted product insights.



Solicit customer input using a range of ideation techniques, including opportunity statements, customer wish lists, brainstorming exercises, and more. Let customers vote on their favorite ideas.



Give customers a rich forum for interaction, enabling them to vote on potential features, rate ideas submitted by others, subscribe to topics, and bookmark content for future use.

community management


All the tools a community manager needs to cultivate an active online community: sophisticated moderation controls, gaming mechanics, intuitive analytics, task management, and more.

social media integration


Make it easy for customers to engage with and share your content on social networks, dramatically expanding your audience of advocates.

What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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