Content Management System

Content Management System Use Cases

While the two most common use cases for a Content Management System are public websites and private intranets, a CMS can also be used to manage content for mobile apps and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


Public Website

Organizations use a CMS to manage their public-facing website. The primary goal of a public site is to provide information about the organization, its mission, and the products and services they provide. Some public websites permit users to become registered users, while on others, all traffic comes from unregistered visitors.


Mobile App

Organizations can use a CMS to manage the content used in their mobile app. The CMS can provide a central repository of content; the same content that appears on their website can also be rendered in the mobile app. The mobile app uses a REST API to request and retrieve content from the CMS.



Once upon a time, Microsoft SharePoint was a top choice for an organization’s intranet. While SharePoint is an effective document repository, customers seeking a more agile content management and publishing system often turn to a Content Management System. A CMS allows business users to publish and update articles, upload documents and embed videos.


HR Portal

Employees log in to Human Resources (HR) Portals as a central launching point to various HR services: benefits enrollment, time-off requests, hourly time sheets, 401(k) savings plan and more. A CMS provides an extensibility model for IT developers to build integrations to third-party applications.



While access to an intranet is restricted to an organization’s members or employees, an extranet extends access to key partners or vendors. Because an extranet has various types of users, it’s important to set up permissions properly, so that users only have access to the content they’re entitled to see.



A microsite is a purpose-driven site with less content than a website or intranet; it is typically created around a campaign or event. Using multi-site capabilities, you can create an unlimited number of microsites from a single instance of a CMS.

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