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New Post
11/15/2011 3:23 PM

Integrating the Gallery module, I have problems getting the slideshow to work.

- in popup mode, nothing is dipslayed (frame with an icon, but no slideshow), also if pop up blocker of browser is off

- in non-popup mode the slideshow works, but the frame the slideshow is displayed in is totally out of boundaries and there seems to be no way to control this.

Let me mention that I am a DNN newbie, I have installed the latest versions from Gallery and DNN as of today.

Somebody please check it out and give me a hint: (note the port is set to 8080 since the page is under construction).

Thanks in advance

New Post
11/21/2011 10:23 PM

I finally tracked down why Gallery 4.04.00 pop-up slideshows are failing when installed in DNN 6.01.00 or 6.01.00. Gallery implements its own pop-ups using a base page (GalleryPage.aspx) which is follows the markup of DNN's Default.aspx page to be able to take advantage of the core API's for localization and the loading of CSS style sheets and Javascripts. In Gallery 4.04.00 I converted the slideshow to make use of the jQuery framework script which was being loaded into the pop-up page's header via the following calls:

If isPopup Then
End If

Since GalleryPage.aspx was designed to include an asp:placeholder control (with id="SCRIPTS") in the page header this worked fine up through and including DNN 6.01.00 BETA. However, with DNN 6.01.00 RELEASE and 6.01.01, the DotNetNuke.Framework.jQuery.RegisterScript method was deprecated and re-coded to call the new ClientResourceManager.RegisterScript method which requires an asp:placeholder control (with id="ClientDependencyHeadJs") in the page header. Since this placeholder is not found in GalleryPage.aspx, jQuery never gets loaded. One workaround that would not require a re-compilation and repackaging of the Gallery module would be to include the following markup within the <head> . . . </head> elements of GalleryPage.aspx to force the loading of jQuery,.js for all Gallery pop-ups:

<script src="/Resources/Shared/Scripts/jquery/jquery.min.js?1.6.1" type="text/javascript"></script>

A more satisfactory solution would be to modify GalleryPage.aspx to include the new placeholder controls and modify ControlSlideShow.ascx.vb to use the new ClientDependencyManager to properly register jQuery. This would, however, require a re-compile and re-packaging plus resubmission of the module through the DNN release tracker testing process. Because my plans for Gallery are to concentrate on building a completely new Gallery 5 (or more likely Gallery 6) module not based on the existing Gallery's legacy code, I do not expect to release a fix for this one issue.

Bill, WESNet Designs
Team Lead - DotNetNuke Gallery Module Project (Not Actively Being Developed)
Extensions Forge Projects . . .
Current: UserExport, ContentDeJour, ePrayer, DNN NewsTicker, By Invitation
Coming Soon: FRBO-For Rent By Owner
New Post
3/15/2012 3:40 PM

Thanks, William.

I just came across this post and used the workaround to fix the popup. Works great. I fully understand why you want to put your resources into the next version (sounds really good), instead of putting this old version through the approval process once again. As long as people can find this post of yours, I think it will not be a big issue.

If you are a person who doesn't understand how to apply William's workaround for the popup slideshow, just post to this thread and we'll see if we can help you.

New Post
7/24/2012 9:43 AM


the latest Gallery module (04.04.00) slideshow popup does not work with the latest DNN version (6.2.1).

I have applied the script patch to GalleryPage.aspx (code can be found in the source of the slideshow popup window). Even changing the version parameter from 1.6.1 to 1.6.4 did not help.

Thanks to anyone for a solution.

Rainer Kroos

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