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12/15/2016 11:20 AM

Hello, since shortly i am using dnn and i installed the AD-extension.  After following all the configuration steps from codeplex i got this plugin working ... but it was only working for a short time.  I was able to login with AD-credentials and a user was created.  When i tried to login a couple of hours later i got an error on the server saying "An unhandled Microsoft .NET Framework exception occurred in w3wp.exe" and the AD extension won't let me login.

I searched this forum for an answer but found nothing that could help me.  When i go to the Active Directory Settings i see that the fields Password, Confirm Password and Default Domain are not filled in.  I found on this forum that it was a known bug in the plugin and looked in the tabel PortalSettings to see that the password was stored there (but not the Domain).  When i try to change the settings it wont save it.

So what did i do wrong and how can i fix this?

My Dnn version is 08.00.04 and the AD-Extension version is 5.0.6

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12/16/2016 10:43 AM

The AD provider can be a little tricky to get working correctly but works great once its done.  I have used it on several portal with literally thousands of users.

First make sure that you are going to Admin>Extensions instead of Host>Extensions to make your settings changes.  Go there, fill out all the information in settings.  Make sure the user credentials you use are of a user that has rights to access AD.  

A w3wp.exe error means that your IIS worker process has completely crashed.  Its hard to tell for sure if the AD extension is causing this.  Especially if you were able to login with a domain user successfully once.  Can you post a screenshot of the error?

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12/19/2016 6:24 AM

Hi steven.  Thanks for your reply.

It seems that the w3wp.exe error is gone for now.  i don't know what was causing it but last week everytime someone logged with AD-credentials  i got that error.
If this error occures again i will take a screenshot and post it here.  But for now this error has been "resolved".

The AD-plugin is still not working properly.  When a user logs in for the first time there is no problem:  a dnn user is created and the user is logged in.  When a user logs in for the second time it generates the following error: "This membership provider has not been configured to support password retrieval."  I found on this forum that this is a problem alot of people encounter while configuring this plugin.  Although i couldn't find a clear solution to fix this problem.

I followed the configuration manual on codeplex without any problems.  Because a user can log in for the first time, i know the AD-plugin is working.

Do you know which configuration setting i forgot or is there a setting that i didn't do correct?

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12/19/2016 7:06 AM

Hello Steven,

The error is back.  This is the screenshot of the error and this always occurs when someone tries to login in with there AD-credentials.


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1/10/2017 11:50 AM
It seems this forum isn't that active anymore ...
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