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New Post
12/13/2013 5:58 AM

I have recently migrated from DNN 5.8 to DNN 6.0.0.

I'm having a really hard time trying to find the resources that have changed from the previous version in order to translate them. I urgently need to find the resx file that renders the Login and Registration page texts. 

I have translated and changed the "destination" of a few fields on one of my websites to ask for the user's snailmail address instead of the name, the user's city instead of the Last name and the company name instead of the Display name.

Unfortunately after the upgrade it all defaulted back to the usual First name, Last name, Display name and it did so in English!

Where can I find these Items in order to translate them correctly for one of my portals?

I tried looking in Languages -> Italian -> Site -> Local resources -> Desktop Modules -> Admin -> Authentication -> App_local resources -> but all the ascx and ascx-IT files I find here seem to be already translated and are not the ones I'm looking for.

I've looked in the Global resources and those seem to be already translated in italian...

At this point I thought I'd ask for help cause I'm out of options.

Any idea where I could find these resources??

Is there a map of the resources or an algorithm to work out where a specific resource file could be?

I'm believe most module resources can be found in the  Languages -> Italian -> Host -> Local resources -> Desktop Modules -> path if I want the translation to be valid for ALL my portals.

But the placement of some common resources is rather obscure and you have to resort to trial and error loosing hours just to figure out where things are most of the time.

Please Help anyone. I'm stuck and my users are registering with the wrong information with each passing minute.

New Post
12/13/2013 7:25 AM
NEVER upgrade to a .0 release, when upgrading always use latest version of a minor x.y or major x.0 release, in this case either 6.1.5 or 6.2.9

Cheers from Germany,
Sebastian Leupold

dnnWerk - The DotNetNuke Experts   German Spoken DotNetNuke User Group

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New Post
12/13/2013 7:36 AM
Hi Edoardo,

AFAIK the location of the files you had back in v5.8 are the same for v6.0.0, so I am guessing the problem is not there. I would suggest that you try the following (sorry if they seem obvious to you, but these have to be checked):

1. Confirm that the Italian language is "Installed" in DNN and is "Activated".
2. Confirm that all your test users (mainly Host and Admin) have Italian as their language.
3. Confirm that the portal has Italian as default language.
4. If you found in 2. that the assigned language was not Italian, then you will have to revert all your users default ¿? Wouldn't know.
5. Verify that your settings for Browser Language Detection and other related settings are in place, as you had them configured.
Also... and because everything is possible:
6. Verfiy that files have their access rights properly set.

Good luck, HTH :)
New Post
12/13/2013 7:58 AM

Hello again Edoardo.

I would listen to Sebastian, given the number of times he has faced situations like this. 

You may have to restore your last backup and thus I suggest you:

1. Use a Bulk User Manager to export your current users (including the new ones, otherwise you would lose them) and import them to your new installation.

I recommend checking PHDobson's which has worked like a charm for me:

2. Refer to the following upgrade path recommendation:

...though I personally recommend (and always followed) Sebastian's own suggested upgrade path (2013-June-28): "Use DNN upgrade packages to 4.9.5, 5.2.3, 5.5.1, 5.6.8 and 6.1.5. During latest step switch app pool to ASP.Net 4 integrated."

Again, best luck!

New Post
12/13/2013 9:33 AM
Hi Sebastian and Alejandro,
thanks for your suggestions. I tried Sebastian's upgrade path but it ended catastrophically I had to restore the backup and try a different approach.
I thought upgrading to the closest possible version would be a good idea but evidently this is not so.
Before installing I also checked that the version was labelled as Stable and had lots of stars.. too bad.
Can I upgrade directly to the 6.1.5 or do I have to restore my backup before doing so?
It would be so much better to go directly to version 6.1.5 if possible

As for the suggested things I should check:
1) Italian language is installed and Active (all other modules work fine)
2) default portal language is italian,
browser language also.
Everything else works fine. All my other modules have italian labels showing with the exception of the new labels that obviously don't have a correspondent translation yet.

If I go to the profile page all the labels appear in Italian as they should, the problem only affects the new "Popup" login and Register page and the Compulsory item labels.
Can't seem to find the resources for those.

I'll see if I can find a new Italian Resource pack on the Dnn website

Thank you
HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Language and In...Language and In...DNN 6.0.0 Finding Login and Registration page resources for translationDNN 6.0.0 Finding Login and Registration page resources for translation

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