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New Post
9/13/2012 11:05 AM

I'm trying to understand this module.  I have 2 feeds that I'm trying to aggregate: and

The CBC feed displays exactly how I want it using the Default.xsl transform.  A title, date, image and description.  The feed is missing the image from the <description> so I'm trying to add it in the transform.  It's URL can be found in the item\custom_fields\image node.

I created the following transform which is giving me the correct HTML output when viewing it from but when I use this transform in the Feed setup, the feed cache is not showing this markup so I'm still missing the image when I apply the aggregated transform. 

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<xsl:stylesheet version="1.1" xmlns:xsl="">
 <xsl:output method="html" indent="yes"/>
  <xsl:param name="ShowItemDetails">true</xsl:param>
  <xsl:param name="ShowItemDate">true</xsl:param>
  <xsl:param name="Target">_blank</xsl:param>
 <xsl:template match="rss">
  <xsl:for-each select="channel/item">
    <a href="{link}">
     <xsl:attribute name="target"><xsl:value-of select="$Target"/></xsl:attribute>
     <xsl:value-of select="title"/>
   <xsl:if test="$ShowItemDate='true'">
      <xsl:call-template name="format-date">
      <xsl:with-param name="date" select="pubDate"/>
   <xsl:if test="$ShowItemDetails='true'">
     <xsl:if test="custom_fields/image">
       <img src="{custom_fields/image}" /><br />
     <p class="Normal">
       <xsl:value-of select="description" disable-output-escaping="yes"/>
 <xsl:template name="format-date">
  <xsl:param name="date"/>
  <xsl:variable name="day" select="substring-before(substring-after($date, ' '), ' ')"/>
  <xsl:variable name="day2" select="concat(translate(substring($day,1,1), '0', ''), substring($day,2,1))"/>
  <xsl:variable name="monthName" select="substring-before(substring-after(substring-after($date, ' '), ' '), ' ')"/>
  <xsl:variable name="year" select="substring-before(substring-after(substring-after(substring-after($date, ' '), ' '), ' '), ' ')"/>
  <xsl:variable name="month">
    <xsl:when test="$monthName = 'Jan'">January</xsl:when>
    <xsl:when test="$monthName = 'Feb'">February</xsl:when>
    <xsl:when test="$monthName = 'Mar'">March</xsl:when>
    <xsl:when test="$monthName = 'Apr'">April</xsl:when>
    <xsl:when test="$monthName = 'May'">May</xsl:when>
    <xsl:when test="$monthName = 'Jun'">June</xsl:when>
    <xsl:when test="$monthName = 'Jul'">July</xsl:when>
    <xsl:when test="$monthName = 'Aug'">August</xsl:when>
    <xsl:when test="$monthName = 'Sep'">September</xsl:when>
    <xsl:when test="$monthName = 'Oct'">October</xsl:when>
    <xsl:when test="$monthName = 'Nov'">November</xsl:when>
    <xsl:when test="$monthName = 'Dec'">December</xsl:when>
  <xsl:value-of select="concat($month, ' ', $day2, ', ', $year)"/>

The way I understand it, each feed in the aggregator uses the transform supplied to create the cached copy of the feed source.  Then, when the feed is displayed, it uses the module level transform to create the final HTML for display.  Is this correct?

I also tried the following transform in each feeds settings just to see what gets downloaded to the cache in the background.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="">
 <xsl:output method="xml" indent="yes"/>
  <xsl:template match="/">
    <xsl:copy-of select="."/>

The custom_fields\image nodes are still missing...

I'm not an XSL expert but I'm confused by what I'm experiencing.

New Post
10/4/2012 3:30 PM

Does anyone know how to retrieve the item/custom_fields/image from the feed ( and include it in my transform?

I was perusing the source code and I'm wondering it the module is limited to only properties defined in the RssItem class?  Or perhaps I need to modify Rss20.xsd to include the custom elements?

Any help?

New Post
10/5/2012 11:12 AM

I found that the feed XML is invalid due to the custom_fields element not defined being in any namespace.  I modified the Rss20.xsd to include the custom_fields complexType and the feed XML now passes validation.  However, after reinitializing the feed cache, the custom_fields element is still being ignored.  I'm assuming the cached feed XML is being created using the RssItem class (even though I can't find it in the source code) which does not include an associated property.

At this point, I have no choice but to give up...

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