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4/21/2009 10:55 PM

I want to create a list of upcoming events from the calendar module located elsewhere on my site. I don't like the list layout of the calendar itself, not to mention I can't figure out how to have one calendar display one way, and the other in month-view. The News Module is ALMOST perfect. It is displaying the next 4 events, but in the wrong logical order.  It lists from top to bottom, the 4th furthest away event towards what is coming up next.  I don't know if this is an issue I should bring up with the calendar module project, or if it can be fixed at the xsl level.  I don't know much about the coding in the default.xsl file, but if there is a simple tweek I can do to make a DefaultReverse.xsl or something like that, I would be very happy!  If I'm missing a setting in either the News module or the Calendar module, please point me towards that also- I've spent a lot of time looking around, and can't make it do what I think it should.

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4/30/2009 4:45 PM

Wanted to give an example of what I am trying to do- in case it was not clear.

On the left side is a scrolling list of upcoming events. It's using the News Module, and pulling RSS feed from the calendar.  The events are not an order I can recognize, and it is not leaving out older events.


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5/4/2009 4:05 PM


You are really running into issues related to the Events module, and DNN's internal syndication method.  In short, your events are being syndicated internally according to the lastupdate date/time, not really the Event's start date/time.  Now, when you use the News module to display these events from that feed, they are going to display using the date/time used in the actual feed order, which  for the Events module that's the lastUpdate date/time.  Not exactly what most would want I would say.

However, this is an issue mostly with the way DNN's internal syndication method works.  Each module is can code for the internal ISSearchable method that supports internal syndication in their own fashion.  That's exactly why DNN's internal syndication method needs a serious overhaul IMHO.  You can't even use the new custom sort XSL I've posted for correcting the issue because the date/time is not the event's start date/time, which I would think should be what is used for the pubDate.  The other issue with filtering out past due events is also tied to the Events module.

So, there's little you can do to correct this issue with the News module.  Post a bug for it in the Issue tracker for the Events module is my best advice, but it still won't fix your issue now.  Sorry. ;-(

New Post
5/4/2009 4:52 PM

please be aware, that the Events 5.x.x will support customization of RSS generation, you may download RC from

Cheers from Germany,
Sebastian Leupold

dnnWerk - The DotNetNuke Experts   German Spoken DotNetNuke User Group

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New Post
5/5/2009 12:33 AM

What does it mean that Events 5.x.x will support customization of RSS generation?  Is this part of an overhaul of the internal DNN syndication or yet another module using their own method to provide syndication?  If this is not including a new DNN internal syndication API, then it's really moving in the wrong direction.  All of the modules should syndicate in the same way, with a better method.  It is possible to do.

Of course, we'll look at the new Events module and take whatever enhancements are available, but module syndication needs to be standard, for the benefit of all modules.  I'm still waiting for the mysterious and so-secretive information on the new internal syndication method that is supposed to be in the works.  When can we expect information about that piece?

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