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6/24/2006 3:41 PM
Feature request: auto-resize support for the IFrame module's Width/Height.

First, I have been doing this successfully by using the trick mentioned here:

However, after upgrading to 4.3.1, it is broken.

For example, I set the IFrame Height textbox to:
600" id="myframe" name="myframe" onload="stretchIFrame('myframe','600')

And in DNN 4.3.1 (or is it due to just the module upgrade in 4.3.1?) it results in the rendered output to the page as:
height="600" id="myframe" name="myframe" onload="stretchIFrame('myframe','600')"

I still need to track down the code that's translating " to "


But back to the feature request. Even though auto-resizing is limited to a site's domain, it is still very useful. Also, a lot of people seem to ask about this capability.

At minimum, this feature could be supported by simply providing another field where we can inject attributes/code (as above) which won't be modified.

Right now, it's a true hack. And like most good hacks, it has come back to bite ;)


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10/4/2006 6:13 PM
I actually just popped onto the forums to look for a hack for this... It seems I just installed the same version =\ lol... I'll give the hack a try and see if it works anyway. But I second this motion - ftr!
New Post
10/5/2006 3:40 PM
i have the same problem after the upgrade... anyone here have a fix?
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12/11/2006 5:22 PM
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3/14/2007 8:31 PM

After much experimentation I have managed to get auto-resizing working but whether or not it is due to new features within DNN4.4.1 I am not sure.  I needed resizing because I have a HTML master page with two HTML iframes with the left hand iframe containing a menu (a mapped image actually) which changes the contents of the right hand iframe. When opened directly within a browser the master page is resized correctly as the righthand frame resizes itself when its content is changed.

I accomplished it using the following three steps:

1. I created a Javascript Library file (Resizer.js) containing the following function:

// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

function resizeIframe(frameName) {
try {
var body = window.frames[frameName].document.body; 
if(body) {
var ifrm = document.getElementById(frameName);
if (ifrm) { = (body.scrollHeight || body.offsetHeight) + 20 +
catch (e) {
// Ignore this for now
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2. I uploaded this js file to a folder under the portal in which I wished to use it.

3. In DNN I navigated to the page on which I wished to place the resizeable IFrame module.  I then changed the page settings so that the Page Header Tags field contained the following:


script type="text/javascript" src="/Portals/1/Library/Resizer.js"></script>

4. I then added the resizeable IFrame and set the URL to the page that I wished display by editing the IFrame options accordingly.  I also set the Name of the frame to masterFrame, and then in the OnLoad field entered this:

resizeIframe('masterFrame');setInterval('resizeIframe(\'masterFrame\')', 500);

5. And then it all works as desired.

To have a look for yourself please check out

HomeHomeDNN Open Source...DNN Open Source...Module ForumsModule ForumsIFrameIFrameFeature Request -- IFrame Auto ResizingFeature Request -- IFrame Auto Resizing

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