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New Post
9/28/2007 5:39 PM

I used the IFrame Module for the first time this week. I was really glad to see the QueryString Parameter option. It provided me with the functionality I needed for my situation.

But it took me time to get IFrame working for my purposes, mostly because I am new to passing parameters in a URL. I thought I would share my use case as an example for other novice users who want to use the IFrame Module.

Use Case: registered users have a MySpace-like page assigned to them. Registered users have the ability to manage (Edit) modules preconfigured for use on their page. When registered users login, DNN brings them to a 'my page' page, which has on it an IFrame Module that points to their own personal page. Here they may view/edit their personal page from inside an IFrame Module instance. 

[DotNetNuke 4.5.5, IFrame Module 3.2.3]

Before using IFrame, for this example, add a custom user profile property called 'UserPage'.

Users > Manage Profile Properties > Add New Profile Property

Property Name: UserPage
Data Value: Page
Property Category: Preferences
Length: 0
Visible: (disabled)
View Order: (number; you choose, i.e. 50)
Property Name: User Page:
'Save Localized Text'

Now logged in as Admin, you can 'Manage Profile' for users and select their personal page from the UserPage profile property dropdown list.

Now Add a new page called 'my page' and add the IFrame Module to this page and set the IFrame Module options as follows:

Edit IFrame Options

Source: URL
Name: My Page
Width: (number; you choose, i.e. 800)
Height: (number; you choose, i.e. 1000)

QueryString Parameters > Add QueryString Parameter

Name: tabid
Value: Custom User Property : UserPage

Click the 'Save' diskette icon, far left.

'Save' (all IFrame settings)

At your option, you could also choose to have DNN go straight to this page when a registered user logs in. 

Users > User Settings > Redirect After Login: my page 

Now when a user navigates to 'my page', with the IFrame Module using the querystring 'tabid' with the value from the user’s profile column called UserPage, the user will see their own page in the IFrame Module. 

The IFrame Module is using a custom URL querystring pointing to this address: of UserPage)

… and IFrame substitutes the value of UserPage for the user who is currently logged in viewing 'my page'.

For those really new to DotNetNuke, a page is also called a 'tab' in DNN. That’s what the querystring 'tabid' is: the DNN tab or page ID number. You will see the tabid listed in the URL of a DotNetNuke page, usually after '.../tabid/'. So using the querystring 'tabid='

... where ### equals some number automatically assigned by DNN; this URL with querystring will direct you to that page exactly.

If a problem can be solved, there's no use worrying about it.
If it can't be solved, worrying will do no good.
New Post
12/1/2007 7:36 AM

Very creative solution! Thanks so much for sharing.  My web master will love this post.

New Post
2/20/2008 5:34 PM

Would you happen to know how to use the IFrame with a pass-through querystring?  I have an ASP page in the root folder that will loop through the files collection of the files in a specific folder and dynamically build a HTML table that displays each file, along with a hyperlink to each file.  I'm displaying them inside of an Iframe.  I have to use a query string to specify the appropriate "subfolder" containing the files that I want to loop through and display.  I pass in a "subfolder" querstring in the URL to this .ASP page which gets the appropriate files.

Right now, I've had to create a separate page with it's own IFrame module for each folder containing files I want to display. I'm hardcoding the URL in the IFrame to my ASP page with the  appropriate "subfolder" query string.  That works fine.  However, what I want to have is just one single page containing an IFrame module that I can link to from every menu item, passing in the "subfolder" querystring to the page, causing the IFrame to display the appropriate files.  However, I can't get this to work. I'm trying to use the "Pass-Through Querystring" option in the  QueryString parameters in the IFrame module, but I'm either doing something wrong, or it is just not possible to make the IFrame behave this way.

Have you ever used the "Pass-Through QueryString" parameter in the IFrame?

New Post
2/20/2008 6:21 PM

Please ignore my last reply about how to use the pass-through querystring parameter. I just figured it out and  have it working.

New Post
11/4/2008 3:21 PM

Dang Mike you final post really stinks.  I needed you to give some info.

I have an I frame displaying a list of auction items.  When one is clicked it displays the details of the item via a querystring.  I've tried to use the passthrough and it works if one doesn't mind waiting 5 minutes for the detail info to show up.  I manage both the dnn instance and the site behind the IFrame and when I visit the site behind the IFrame everything works as snappy as one would hope.  Where do I go to get IFrame documentation and specifically how to use the querystring functionality?


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