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New Post
6/10/2009 2:56 PM

Add Captch and it's centered on the page while the form itself is left..



New Post
9/4/2009 8:00 PM

Is there any solution for this? Would be nice to center the form, or have Captcha and Send button to center under the form, depending on the size it's been given.


New Post
9/5/2009 4:36 AM

did you try to alter module alignment in module settings?

Cheers from Germany,
Sebastian Leupold

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New Post
1/30/2013 3:03 AM
MarkTab Solution

First a Comment: DotNetNuke 7 continues to underimpress me (granted, this code is for the open-source Feedback module). I have been a sad customer since version 5, slowly being cut to pieces by poor programming which even eclipses Windows Vista (if that's even possible). Nevertheless, I have decided to suffer this slow torture along with everyone else until a better replacement comes along. I have been posting issues related to my fresh (not upgraded) DNN 7 installation, and this problem is one of them.

Here is a solution to this issue.

1) The problem is that module.css has a definition for ".dnnForm.FeedbackForm .dnnFormItem .RadCaptcha" which manually sets a left margin 146 pixels. You can reset this setting to zero pixels. You might choose to apply alternative CSS while you are in there (should only be done with intermediate or above CSS skill, which is a level above whoever wrote this code in the first place).
2) No one should be coding CSS with manual pixel settings for left margins: it is NOT a best practice, and surfaces the level of coding which went into the commonly-used feedback module.
3) The CSS file is located in ./DesktopModules/Feedback -- keep a copy of the original file.
4) It's not enough to just upload a modified CSS: you will have to both clear the host cache and then restart the whole application. The controls are under "Host Settings" and "Advanced Settings".

If you want to know how I debugged this issue: I used the free Firebug extension on Firefox, and looked at the code resolution. The CSS resolver pointed to the specific line, and I found the style then in the single CSS file (thankfully the authors had enough sense to make only one CSS file) for the feedback module. The resolver further indicated that the CSS was actually being cached by its mention of the DependencyHandler.axd file.

New Post
1/30/2013 6:08 AM

A thought for you. I'm prepared to take crticism along with everyone else, I've contributed my time and work freely to open source communities for many years now. However being insulting about anyones work does not encourage them in any way to do better, it tends to demoralise and possibly result in withdrawal of contribution. Then you are left with nothing.

Perhaps a more constructive approach to criticism would be more helpful?


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HomeHomeDNN Open Source...DNN Open Source...Module ForumsModule ForumsFeedbackFeedbackCaptcha alignment issues..Captcha alignment issues..

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