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10/13/2008 12:58 PM

To change the admin e-mail address... go to the Admin menu and select "User Accounts" -- find the admin account you made when you first created your DNN site.  Change that user's e-mail address to a and it will be able to send out.


Godaddy is laughable but they're so cheap I continue to use them.  This is the response I got.

"If you are unable to send emails from your hosting account that appear to be sent from your Gmail account, unfortunately this is not something we would be able to change as it has to do with how Gmail is set up. You will want to set up an email forward that forwards to your gmail account with one of your domains that you can use to send email from from your site."

You get what you pay for!


In reality, an SMTP server should be able to APPEAR to send emails from ANY E-MAIL ADDRESS AT ANY DOMAIN NAME, even if it doesn't exist.   This allows users to respond to an actual e-mail address.  Shame on Godaddy.



New Post
10/13/2008 1:54 PM

Thank you very much, it is working now :)

They sent me the same message when I contacted them.

But I am wondering, I was using my yahoo email as a host email and it was fine,,, why did it break suddenly ??

Thank you again.. Everyone!!

New Post
5/5/2009 10:37 AM

This issue had me horribly vexed. My host settings test email was going out "email sent successfully" but never showing up in the godaddy email account for the admin. If I switched the host email to a valid yahoo address it did come through there.

What I had to to do was change under smtp settings from localhost to  - and basic under SMTP Authentication: - and include full email address of the gd account ( and the user password.

Then it worked! I was vexed because I had not had to do this on other sites on the same server?!

I should point out that I did not have to do the do-not-reply@ thing that was mentioned in posts above. I guess since the relay-server did not work, only what I spell out above.

Whenever you see anyone in these forums say "contact Godaddy" about something you might as well read that as "DON't even flippin waste your time trying to contact them about anything". Although their knowledgebase is actually pretty good for basic questions you need to search other forums for real advice on deeper issues like this.


Will Sugg

New Post
9/22/2009 2:24 PM

Ok, so I'm a bit confused/frustrated, now. Of course, I went the GoDaddy route to save some $$$, and I'm paying for it in every other way. In any case, I'm not prepared (nor are my customers) to move several DNN sites, so here goes... I did waste time with a GoDad rep to learn that the "Contact Us" blocking/not forwarding of any emails from yahoo or gmail email ids was not their issue. I'm not concerned with email notifications, I just want to receive the emails from the default dnn Contact Us module. What settings do I need to change, and where? It seems so basic, that I have a hard time paying for a separate module...

Any help is greatly appreciated!

New Post
1/5/2010 3:33 AM


how to send email feedback moudle entered name, email subject, message .

can we add name, email, subject, message in feedback  moderator notification email message.

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