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HomeHomeDevelopment and...Development and...SQL and SQL Ser...SQL and SQL Ser...What data goes into what table? yarqWhat data goes into what table? yarq
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7/15/2014 10:26 PM
I'm trying to make a custom reg page that will include info to go into a completely different table than.....

And that's one of my problems. I don't know where all the data actually goes.

It seems that


go in the aspnet_Users table(?) and


is in a completely different table, aspnet_Membership(?).

And then I have other data that would go into a third table.

DNN obviously puts this data in the correct tables but I can't figure out how.

One way I learn this stuff is by reverse engineering. But when I look at Stored Procedures [AddUser] and [aspnet_Users_CreateUser] there's no password data so I can't see how the data is used in two different tables, where it goes and how it gets there.

I searched and read and watched but I'm coming up empty.

Can anyone guide me here?

Can I add fields to the aspnet table? Which one?

I can't just create a new, standalone table because then I can't set permissions on pages and modules, etc.

Still more than willing to read more, watch more and buy a good book to learn these answers.


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7/16/2014 7:10 AM
First and Last name are in to dbo.Users. Password goes in to aspnet_Membership and UserName goes in aspnet_Users. At least that's how it looks on my end.

Instead of trying to figure it out, let the API do the work. Use it to insert the new member and store any additional information in a separate table you create. Call it dbo.MemberInfo or something similar and link back to the membership table using the UserId.

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7/16/2014 2:00 PM
You've sent me full circle Mark. I'm right back where I started. I went off on so many tangents...

But you're right, no point in trying to re-invent the wheel.

I've been playing with XModPro to help me out and that has lead me down a different path.

Wanted to try XMod as I needed a databound list box on the reg page. Right now I'm just using "List" when I create a new Profile Setting and so I have to enter all the info manually. And one minor change will affect 100 different sites, all requiring a manual change.

But I will worry about that later I suppose. I need to get the site up and running.

Thanks for getting me back on track.

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7/17/2014 3:30 AM
registration is not really the best playground for a generic data UI tool like XMod, unless there is a specific extension for it using DNN API, sorry.

Cheers from Germany,
Sebastian Leupold

dnnWerk - The DotNetNuke Experts   German Spoken DotNetNuke User Group

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7/17/2014 7:35 AM
Trust me - I understand. I had to tweak the DNN registration to suite a clients needs last year and I have an more challenging one right now. When I looked at out-of-the-box registration and trying to tweak it, it seemed like too much work. That's when I decided to use the API to do the heavy lifting and just added the extra member data in a separate table.

Any time! Let us know if you need anything else.


HomeHomeDevelopment and...Development and...SQL and SQL Ser...SQL and SQL Ser...What data goes into what table? yarqWhat data goes into what table? yarq

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