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HomeHomeDevelopment and...Development and...Getting StartedGetting StartedCode-behind does not work in my new DNN module.Code-behind does not work in my new DNN module.
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9/22/2016 4:45 PM

I have created my first DotNetNuke7 C# Compiled Module project in Visual Studio, and its client-side (view.ascx) works fine, but I can't get code-behind (view.ascx.cs) to execute.

I have defined ASP:button, and onclick event for it, and VS itsself created corresponding method in code-behind. It compiled well, but when I try to access application through browser, I get error message

Error: DNN_IJPP is currently unavailable.DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.ModuleLoadException: c:\websites\\DesktopModules\DNN_IJPP\DNN_IJPP\View.ascx(113): error CS1061: 'ASP.desktopmodules_dnn_ijpp_view_ascx' does not contain a definition for 'Unnamed_Click'...

which surely exists in code-behind :


protected void Unnamed_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
{ Console.WriteLine("postback!");}

When I change Unnamed_Click to Page_Load (which is generated in first version of ascx.cs file), error dissapears. So I think that code-behind file does not even get compiled into dll, and that its old version stands in there. In my csproj file it's written

    <Compile Include="View.ascx.cs">




so I really do not understand what is going on here. How can I diagnose it ?

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9/26/2016 9:06 PM
You should make sure that if you made any class name or namespace changes, they're also reflected in the ASCX file. Also, you'll need to rebuild after you make that change before the server-side method is known to the ASCX file.

Will Strohl

Upendo Ventures Upendo Ventures
DNN experts since 2003
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10/31/2016 4:32 AM

What Will said is absolutely true, but the devil is in the details.  I remember having this issue when I first started--it's most definitely the fact that the compiler cannot 'see' the ascx file because the namespace for either your project, or the code-behind does not match the info in the first line of you ascx file.

For instance:

Let's say you have a view.ascx file with a namespace like this:

Namespace DotNetParts.ModuleName

Partial Class ViewModuleName Inherits Entities.Modules.PortalModuleBase

And you ascx file (1st line) looks like:

Codebehind="ViewModuleName.ascx.vb" Inherits="DotNetParts.ModuleName.ViewModuleName" 

I realize this is in vb, but the same rules apply.  The above code behind matches the view file name, and the inherits includes the full namespace path to the control.

Now, if the project properties library name does not match 'DotNetParts.ModuleName', you will have an issue. For instance, if your library name is just 'JoeModule', I *think* (it's been a while) that it will try to assemble a namespace path as  JoeModule.DotNetParts.ModuleName (I forget which, but you get the point, right?), and it will never find the ascx file. 

I won't confuse you by getting into add'l issues you would have in a vb environment, since you're strictly asking about c#.  Also make sure the Assembly Name (the name of the dll that is created on compile) matches the Root Namespace.  So in the above example, you would have DotNetParts.ModuleName in both the Assembly Name field and the Root Namespace field.

Once of the ways I have found to diagnose these issues is to use intellisense.  Find a new line and try to type out the whole path to your class.  You can usually discover what VS *thinks* the path is to the class by seeing what intellisense is doing.  For instance, in the above example, start with the info in the Root Namespace field.  Type that out, and see what is hanging off the end of it...

Hope this helps.  I know that can be really frustrating when you're just starting out...

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10/31/2016 4:40 AM

In reading through your explanation again, I'm not sure this is a namespace issue.  You do not say where Unnamed_Click is defined, so it's impossible to see what could be wrong.  Where is the definition for this event?  If you're using c# and you don't specify autowire events, you have to define each event you want to process.  And irregardless, the unnamed click event has to be an event for some *control*.  What is the name of that control and where are the events defined for that control?  We need more info than this to help.

HomeHomeDevelopment and...Development and...Getting StartedGetting StartedCode-behind does not work in my new DNN module.Code-behind does not work in my new DNN module.

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