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8/6/2010 7:54 AM
The Events team is proud to anno

A happy Event has happened: version 05.01.04 is released!

The Events team is proud to announce that Events 05.01.04 has been finally released. The release tracking process took some time, and we were awaiting a formally release module much earlier. Nevertheless, it is finally available for download as a formal release of the Events module.

The objective of this Events release is to create a DNN 5.x module, improve the overall structure of the Events module, reduce code and projects and convert remaining C# code into

This new release covers more than 70 issues.

Release notes DNN Events 05.01.04

Events 05.01.04 will work for any DNN version 5.2.0 and up. Full details on the changes can be found in great detail at


  • Add support for negative permission setting in DNN 5
  • Improved XHTML Compliancy
  • Notification email "from" address not using setting in module or event, uses site admin address
  • Placing a copy of a calendar on a second page, causes duplicate results returned in My Enrolments
  • Bugs in .ics export
  • Using '[' or ']' in tooltip title or description causes problems
  • iCal export does not support regions with no DST
  • Apply ISO 8601 standard for week numbers
  • Improve code performance be removing unnecessary DB calls
  • Expire events not working?
  • Make schedule item creation more reliable
  • RSS feed does not point to right tab
  • RSS feed does not take note of 'Use Module Container & Skin' setting
  • Awaiting approval template is missing
  • ImageURL may change when EnrollRoleID is changed
  • When a user is enrolled to an Event, the telephone number (taken from the User Profile) does not show up where expected in the Edit view
  • If you have a monthly recurring event which takes place on the last Wednesday of the month, and the last day of the month is a Wednesday, the calendar shows the event on the Wednesday before.
  • Tokens for URLs do not include domain name when Friendly URLs are switched off
  • The timezone is not offsetting against the timezone set in the portal.
  • Expiring events does not seem to handle timezones correctly (via the scheduled process)
  • Bug in RSS Feed - Detail Page
  • Month View No Cell Events show event count when event should be hidden
  • In some instances (unclear what particulat situation), the TimeInterval List and Schedule aren't being created for a fresh install on DNN 5.3.x. This is because the upgrade process isn't being called which creates these items. To handle this situation a fallback solution is required which is run on occasional basis. An appropriate location is in the module settings, since these items are only required within the module settings or as a result of visiting the module settings.
  • Currently only the initial host user (UserID = 1) will get new event notifications (if they subscribe). In theory all host users should be able to subscribe.
  • Corrected wrong subject line used in enrollment mails sent from Event Details
  • All day event for next day showed in 'Today' list view. Corrected
  • Upgrading with big email templates could cause an invalid length parameter passed to the SUBSTRING function.
  • When an enrolment role has been added to an event, and the role is then deleted from the portal, the module would fail when entering edit view
  • When an module instance is deleted it is no longer available to be included as a sub-calendar.


  • Add support for DNN 5.5.x.
  • Add an option to provide a number of attendees to an event.
  • Add guests when enrolling
  • Recurrences days are now localised
  • Added a "quantity" for the event registration, and then of course the Quantity need to multiply the price for the PayPal piece and this does effect the 'seats/quantity' remaining.
  • Improved text fragments to be made localisation friendly
  • Consolidate TimeZone module settings and TimeZone Update menu option
  • Limit number of recurring events generated
  • Allow event editor to send custom email to enrolees
  • Enable category selection via url, added an option to auto-select a category with a variable in the url.
  • Events Month View Select Day: select a date on the calender in month view by clicking on the date
  • Raise sub-calendar limit to 1.000 subcalendars
  • Enrolled User Cancel Event Booking
  • Added an option to send invites out when creating an event.
  • Enable tooltip per view type
  • The list/day views have now been updated so that no column is mandatory. This gives the flexibility to format as requested here by using the templating capability of the description column. Since the Event Title column also showed various icons (recurrence, importance, notification, enrollment), tokens for these have now been added (recurrenceicon, importanceicon, remindericon, enrollicon) as well as a label and text for notification (reminderlabel and reminder).
  • Possibility to mail All Registred Users on Event Creation, there is now an option in the module settings to send an email to a role.
  • When entering in new events, or editing existing events, do not allow entry of events that will be immediately deleted (i.e. do a compare with "set expire events older than" entry and perform some form validation
  • Currently a fully formatted href is created for the event titles (titleurl) . There is now a token for the basic url available as well, so admins can create hrefs of their own full token.
  • Added an extra token for the clean URL next to the href version of the Location
  • Moved Event Settings out of Module Settings
  • Added token for enrollment fee
  • Added templating of Location column in list/day views
  • Add edsettings to disable enrollment validation popup
  • When a week-end day has events in Mont View No Cell Events, the week-day style is applied to it. This was by design, but it ought to have a seperate style to allow flexibility.
  • Add radio button to allow hiding of icon bar
  • Adding the following tokens would be very helpful for providing a more integrated experience:
    [CREATEDBYID] - user ID of the person who created the event
    [OWNEDBYID] - user ID of the person who owns the event
    [UPDATEDBYID] - user ID of the person who last updated the event
  • Allow max length parameter in description token, e.g. [event:description|150].
  • Now the full range of tokens is available to notifications
  • Added HTML alternate text to .ics export to support Outlook
  • Ability for sub calendars to filter by category
  • Is it now possible to pass the date through the querystringso that the calendar does not default to today. Add this to your URL: "?eventdate=yyymmdd"
  • The Event Detail form can display the Display Name as hyperlink which displays the User Profile page when clicked, and also the email address hyperlink to send a single email.


  • Updated DNN Installation manifest to DNN 5 standard
  • Updated module to remove functions deprecated in DNN 5 - to enable full DNN 5 Compliancy
  • Removed unnecessary calls to getuser in edit control
  • Cleanup creation of detail url, and adding of skins controls to URL
  • Remove unrequired gifs
  • Location and Category editors shouldn't need to be module editors
  • Convert module settings into a Class and correctly Type all settings
  • Simplified code behind event hiding when full
  • Simplified Icon Creation
  • Simplified setup of controls on the 4 views
  • Rationalised Module Code
  • Change Schedule control to use Modules.Events namespace
  • Microsoft.VisualBasic.Compatibility Namespace is removed
  • The module is outputing an empty value against the LOCATION attribute in the iCal file. Outlook 2010 is not able to handle this situation (more than once - it seems alright the first time!!). Outputing a blank value is invalid anyway
  • Highlighting of Categories by the color is now on a complete row
  • Standardisation wording for the default of Reminders (Notifications) in the language pack

Where can you download Events 05.01.04?

The DNN Events module can be obtained via the Events project's page on CodePlex.

We appreciate if you want to give this release a (five star?) rating while your are on CodePlex... Feel free to review it.

What is next?

The Events team will carefully review are feature requests and start using the Telerik controls within DNN to enhance the UI/UX.

XCESS expertise center b.v.
Ernst Peter
LinkedIn Profile Ernst Peter Tamminga

XCESS: DNN/Evoq specialist, zie

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