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5/7/2010 9:35 AM

Events Release 05.01.00 beta available!

The Events team is proud to announce a beta version of the next release of the Events module: Events 05.01.00. This version has more than 70 issues related to bugs fixes, enhancements and new features. A blog describing some of the things we have changed can be found at this link.

Where can you download Events 05.01.00 beta?

The beta of DNN Events 05.01.00 can be downlaoded from the Events project's page on CodePlex. The complete release notes of this version can be downloaded from there as well, but they are listed at the end of this posting as well.

What can you do?

Download the Events module and try it in a test environment. You can upgrade any existing Events module installation with this version. Or uninstall a previous version and start with a clean DNN site and install this beta version on that site. If you find any issues, go to the Events forum here and post your findings, so the Events team and others can benefit from your experiences. We are all volunteers!

What will be next?

The Events project team will follow up any issues that pops up in this beta from your testing. So please make note of your experiences in the Events forum. There are some small enhancements we will provide on the module over the next week or so. If you follow the Events issue page in CodePlex, you will be the first one to get informed.

Also, since CodePlex is a wonderful place to distribute software for DNN modules, including a Beta and Release Candidates of Events, we will close down our special website ( that we used to distribute Event Beta's and RC's up until now. It served its purpose, but CodePlex is a better solution.

CodePlex can also provide you with an e-mail notification on new releases, so this DNN Events Newsflash will be the last from!

Release notes DNN Events 05.01.00

Events 05.01.00 will work for any DNN version 5.2.0 and up. Full details on the changes can be found on


  • Add support for negative permission setting in DNN 5
  • Improved XHTML Compliancy
  • Notification email "from" address not using setting in module or event, uses site admin address
  • Placing a copy of a calendar on a second page, causes duplicate results returned in My Enrolments
  • Bugs in .ics export
  • Using '[' or ']' in tooltip title or description causes problems
  • iCal export does not support regions with no DST
  • Apply ISO 8601 standard for week numbers
  • Improve code performance be removing unnecessary DB calls
  • Expire events not working?
  • Enhancement: Automate entry of events scheduled task
  • RSS feed does not point to right tab
  • RSS feed does not take note of 'Use Module Container & Skin' setting
  • Awaiting approval template is missing
  • ImageURL may change when EnrollRoleID is changed
  • When a user is enrolled to an Event, the telephone number (taken from the User Profile) does not show up where expected in the Edit view
  • If you have a monthly recurring event which takes place on the last Wednesday of the month, and the last day of the month is a Wednesday, the calendar shows the event on the Wednesday before.
  • Tokens for URLs do not include domain name when Friendly URLs are switched off
  • The timezone is not offsetting against the timezone set in the portal.
  • Expiring events does not seem to handle timezones correctly (via the scheduled process)
  • Bug in RSS Feed - Detail Page
  • Month View No Cell Events show event count when event should be hidden
  • In some instances (unclear what particulat situation), the TimeInterval List and Schedule aren't being created for a fresh install on DNN 5.3.x. This is because the upgrade process isn't being called which creates these items. To handle this situation a fallback solution is required which is run on occasional basis. An appropriate location is in the module settings, since these items are only required within the module settings or as a result of visiting the module settings.
  • Currently only the initial host user (UserID = 1) will get new event notifications (if they subscribe). In theory all host users should be able to subscribe.


XCESS expertise center b.v.
Ernst Peter
LinkedIn Profile Ernst Peter Tamminga

XCESS: DNN/Evoq specialist, zie

Events 7.0.1 - Released
Reports 6.1.0 - Released
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