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New Post
1/24/2009 2:42 PM

A nice event for the Events users: a Release Candidate (RC3) of DNN Events 04.01.0x is available in for registered users.

For this release 04.01.0x, we have done 73 (!) issues compared to the current released 04.00.02 version. And these issues are not only bug fixes, but also a lot of enhancements and improvements. Most of these improvements are directly in line with the scope we have defined for of this version:

  • flexibility in the display and design (templating, themes),
  • easier distribution of events data (extensive RSSFeed)
  • a huge improvement on the data and table structure

We make this RC3 available as version 04.01.02, so that it can upgrade any beta 04.01.00 test site you have. If you have installed an RC already, just reinstall this RC3 over the existing one.

The Install pack, the source pack, the release notes as well as a script for structured testing of this version can be found on, a special site for the DNN Events module. You have to register yourself on the site in order to be able to access the download..

What can you do?

Please be aware that this version contains on a lot of code and table structure changes. Download the current Events RC and try it in a test environment, we strongly advise not to use it for production purposes. This is a build that have not been submitted, nor passed through the DotNetNuke Module Release Process. The build has received some testing and is made available 'as-is', therefore any usage is at your on risk. Like any beta software it is not recommended to install on production systems. Upgradeability from a beta version to a later beta or production version cannot be guaranteed.

If you find any issues, post your findings in this forum, so the Events team and others can benefit from your experiences. We are all volunteers!

XCESS expertise center b.v.
Ernst Peter
LinkedIn Profile Ernst Peter Tamminga

XCESS: DNN/Evoq specialist, zie

Events 7.0.1 - Released
Reports 6.1.0 - Released
New Post
2/1/2009 2:07 PM

Changes for RC3 compared to RC2:

  • Added templating of the the title and the complete description of the RSS feed
  • Added an additional token for the templating: [event:alldayeventtext]
  • Fixed disabling table header in the list view

We still have a SQL error from 1 or 2 users when upgrading their Events module, we are in touch with one of them and we hope this enables us to decide whether this is a module problem to be solved by the Events team, or a local database issue.

XCESS expertise center b.v.
Ernst Peter
LinkedIn Profile Ernst Peter Tamminga

XCESS: DNN/Evoq specialist, zie

Events 7.0.1 - Released
Reports 6.1.0 - Released
New Post
2/1/2009 2:40 PM

Release notes DNN Events 04.01.02 RC3


EVT-7296 Events Module CSS class: all !important arguments removed
EVT-8096 Viewing of sub-calendars via master calendar now obeys permissions applied to sub-calendar
EVT-8139 Event titles did not break on a new line in day cell of month view (Firefox only)
EVT-8166 Maximum number enrollments was incorrectly handled for recurring events: the number of recurrences was not taken into account. This has been corrected.
EVT-8194 For occurrences of an event other than the first, event notifications showed the wrong start date. They always showed the date of the first occurrence. Corrected.
EVT-8222 Deletion of last category caused incorrect filtering of events in master/sub calendar situations.
EVT-8233 When an Event was not found in detail view (e.g. because of an existing link to a deleted event), the module did not handle it gracefully.
EVT-8269 Tooltips were displayed even when disabled and Disable Month View Cell Events was selected
EVT-8345 When the date/time of event was changed, any prior notifications didn't have the Event DateTime updated
EVT-8427 The selected Events theme was not applied to Event Detail when the details were set to open in a new page
EVT-8461 Firefox only: Borders in the listview could not be hidden by the CSS theme
EVT-8476 If an invalid email address was entered on the detail view in the Notify me box, it was errored but still added to the database for notification
EVT-8524 Purchase link was sometimes not visible in IE because the height was hardcoded
EVT-8525 PayPal payment errors were not being recorded correctly resulting in blank data being added to database.
EVT-8598 Removed hard-coded borders in week view
EVT-8975 Time zone is now hidden in EditEvents when Display Time zone is not checked
ECT-9124 Removed bug in an old (Events 3.2.0) upgrade script
EVT-9182 Unticking "Include sub-calendars" now removes selected calendars
EVT-9279 Added extra exception checking around Event Enrollment for paid events, to protect against user clicking 'back' in browser
EVT-9313 In list and day views the table headers always appeared whether you set Show Table Header to Yes or No. This is fixed.


EVT-5679 Events module: Optionally remove time functionality from display/data entry, Added new check box to mark an event as all day. This sets the start time to 00:00 and end time to 23:59. Also hides time in all view displays, not in the edit display.
EVT-5693 Recurrence pattern and end date can now be displayed in List/Day view, and collapsed to single line for recurring events.
EVT-6996 "Enroll for this event" is now visible for users who aren't logged in. The link now says 'Login to enroll for this event' when the user is not logged in.
EVT-7285 The color settings for Event categories are now used in all views
EVT-7415 Multiple instances of the Events module on single page will now allow different themes for every instance
EVT-7674 Week view now has date navigation control in the same way that Month View does
EVT-7077 Skinable menu toolbar
EVT-8003 Added sorting and paging capability to List View with default setting in the Module Settings
EVT-8121 Removed the dependency of 2 connection strings in web.config, the Events module now uses only the standard DNN database connection string
EVT-8169 Visibility of detail of optional sections in Edit Events is now controlled by client side script to reduce post backs and improve user experience
EVT-8260 Users can now chose their individual notification time and request notifications for all individual events of a recurring event
EVT-8317 All optional module settings now perform the same way, including the recurrence section.
EVT-8398 Day View can now optionally be opened in a new page
EVT-8399 Enhance input validation
EVT-8404 EventDetails: shows last date and amount of events if its a series
EVT-8454 It is now possible to individually select the allowed views for the module
EVT-8594 Event title/details can be replace by a message defined in setting page for anonymous users and for event editors (for events of other editors). moderators/admins see all event details.
EVT-8763 Added setting to set Send Reminder default to True or False for all events in that module
EVT-9121 The module was partially dependant on whether the user is in site Edit mode or not. Replaced IsEditable with custom function IsEditor to remove this limitation.
EVT-9172 Enabled formatting of Week View header by adding CSS Class by  <tr class="WeekHeader">


EVT-5678 Templated display of Event detail view with the DNN TokenReplace functionality
EVT-7226 Module now sends email to the event owner when enrollment is Approved; Denied; Awaiting approval; Awaiting payment (before PayPal processing); Payment received (after PayPal processing); Payment pending (after PayPal processing); Added by admin/moderator/owner; Deleted by admin/moderator/owner
EVT-7227 A configurable list of enrolled users can be displayed on the Detail View
EVT-7228 Emails are now sent to event enrollees on all enrollment events
EVT-7230 Font color can now be set for category and category colors appear in all views
EVT-7386 The display of details of an event changed to a templated format. The TokenReplace functionality can be used to fill the template with data. The admin can define the template for that module instance and/or as default for all details displays on that portal.
EVT-7387 The e-mail messages can be templated with the DNN TokenReplace functionality, so that the Admin can define the message as a whole
EVT-7423 There is now an option in Module Settings to set the number of days after which an event is expired. For Events records, this sets them to 'Cancelled' after the time period has elapsed. For EventsRecurMaster, this deletes any where there are no non-Cancelled Events, which then deletes any linked Events. This method ensures that where an Event is recurring, any expired events are retained in the database (but not visible), until all are expired, otherwise they could be re-created when the event is updated.
EVT-7436 Added an RSS feed to Month/List/Day/Week/My Enrollment views. These all provide the same set of data (i.e. not specific to the view).
EVT-7515 Display time or not: can be templated. A new check box has been added under end date in end view. This is ticked by default. If it is unticked, then the end date is hidden in all views.
EVT-7537 Admins can now enroll users. This enabled even if it is a paid for event, on the basis that admins may need to do enroll users if payment has been received by other means
EVT-7640 Allow users/roles to update locations/categories without being a moderator. Enabled through permissions grid in the module settings
EVT-7803 The module now exports Events data in .ics (RFC2445) format, including attendees. To support DST, the module creates a VTIMEZONE that is based on the server time zone. So it will alter times based on the DST of the server. This is best guess for now. There is now support for exporting recurring events, and allows for changes made to individual occurrences of an event. Priorities have been standardized to RFC2445 spec. Low = 9, Medium = 5, High = 9
EVT-7805 The default Reminder From email address can now be different from the portal admin address. The e-mail address can be set via Module Settings
EVT-7900 Added option for Location conflict checking
EVT-7903 It is now possible to copy an existing event to create a new one.
EVT-7929 Event ownership can now be changed, the creator will still be an event editor.
EVT-8221 Recurring events now have individual database records, so they can be manipulated independently
EVT-8494 It is possible to show icons for events (priority, reminder, recurrence, enrollment) selectable for each view. This can be done by a setting to show/hide event image in month- and week view
EVT-8687 Location is added to list/day views
EVT-8637 Users may now subscribe to be notified when a new event is added to the Event module instance
EVT-8719 Possibility select a custom theme  from the portal folders in module settings
EVT-8679 Copy to End Date link added to copy start date to end date


EVT-7659 Make the module complete XHTML compliant
EVT-7687 The Events tables have been redesigned en enhanced. Referential integrity is applied to database design for Category/Location/SignupID
EVT-7994 In order to simplify the allocation of sub-calendars, two list boxes are used in the same way that columns are selected in Event List view.
EVT-7997 Reworked the Add Event form. Updated recurrence section to show/hide the Period/Weekly/Monthly/Annual dependant on selected option.
EVT-8163 Added LastUpdatedBy/ID to the Events table
EVT-8309 Corrected grammar error in Event Notification dialog box
EVT-8401 Selected Date and Culture are no longer passed to vCal processing since each event recurrence is now uniquely identified.
EVT-8718 In order to protect against installation on a non-compatible version of DNN the Compatible Version parameter is adding to the PA manifest.
EVT-9201 Added indexes for foreign keys for performance
EVT-9235 Simplified EventsGetByRange sproc to enable the passing of a filter string which should initially include ModuleID and Category filtering.

XCESS expertise center b.v.
Ernst Peter
LinkedIn Profile Ernst Peter Tamminga

XCESS: DNN/Evoq specialist, zie

Events 7.0.1 - Released
Reports 6.1.0 - Released
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