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8/27/2018 12:16 AM

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing their DNN 9 sites causing 100% CPU usage.  Have had my server choke up a few times recently. I have a mix of DNN 9 and DNN 8 sites on the server but it seems to be the DNN 9 sites (3 different ones) that are running away with the CPU usage. 

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8/31/2018 10:04 PM
I doubt that DNN itself is causing this unless the server has very low resources. I'd instead take a look at the third-party and/or custom extensions that might be in use. Also, it may be a good idea to run a virus scan on the server to see if anything is infected.

Speaking of virus scan... Some antivirus tools can actually be the cause of this on web servers that run dynamic applications like DNN.

Also, it may be worth looking at the DNN event log to see if there are any exceptions that may be contributing to the issue.

Will Strohl

Upendo Ventures Upendo Ventures
DNN experts since 2003
Official provider of the Hotcakes Commerce Cloud and SLA support
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6/6/2019 8:37 AM
Also worth checking if it is w3wp.exe that is consuming the CPU or if perhaps it is SQL Server. If the latter, an SQL trace could shed light on what is causing the problem. Also worth trying to figure out if you can identify a specific action that you (or some user) is taking in the affected sites to trigger the issue, as that will narrow down the possible causes.
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1/25/2021 5:45 PM
Hello Everyone,

We had the same issue this morning. This is the first time the server has really had a load on it.
We run DNN
Pages not loading, Login redirect taking too long.

I was watching the system resources while this was going on.
CPU all cores maxed out.
w3wp.exe taking the most CPU threads.

Memory usage was fine,
Disk usage was fine,
Network usage fine,

I have another server that runs SQL Server. That server was not the issue. Network normal, Disk slightly higher than normal, but that is to be expected.

We are working to upgrade our custom modules to upgrade to the latest version of DNN.

Has anyone seen this type of issue?

Our system is older, but this should not have happened with only 300 simultaneous users.

System Specs
Dual Xeon quad core E5410
32GB Ram

DNN performance setting:
Page State Persistence: Page
Caching Provider: FileBasedCachingProvider
Module Cache Provider: Memory
Cache Setting: Moderate Caching
Authenticated Cacheability: ServerAndNoCache
Unauthenticated Cacheability: ServerAndNoCache
Minify CSS OFF
Minify JS OFF

Any Help would be appreciated
HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Performance and...Performance and...DNN 9 CPU usageDNN 9 CPU usage

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