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5/23/2017 8:16 AM

Hi Team,

What are the software requirements for DNN5.6.4



Ravinder A

New Post
6/12/2017 4:46 AM
I am totally going from memory here, but if my memory serves me well (someone correct me if I am wrong):

Windows Vista or + or Server 2003 or + (I have 5.x.x instances working on Windows 10 and Server 2012 too)
Asp.Net 3.5 (but also works on 4 and 4.5)
Sql Server 2005 (also works on 2008 and 2012)

Basically, except for Microsoft Azure, it should run on pretty much anything.

That being said, I would at least upgrade to 5.6.8 which is the latest 5.x.x release with bugs and security fixes, etc.

Then and only then I would upgrade to 6.2.8, there are no breaking changes, what changed from 5 to 6 was mainly a switch from VB to C# + bug fixes, optimizations, better UI easier to manage sites, etc.

At this point I would analyse which modules are in use and have updates available. Dnn 7 had some breaking changes regarding the services framework, most open source modules have been updated for Dnn 7 support but there are a few exceptions. If you have paid modules, then you may have to pay for newer versions. If you decide to go ahead, then I would upgrade to 7.4.2 which is the latest in the 7 series.

If everything works fine, then you can safely update to 8, the main difference is added support for MVC and SPA, but everything that works on 7 will work on 8. I would upgrade to 8.0.4 which is the lastes 8 series release.

Now you are one step away from the latest version and you need to decide if it is correct for you. I love the way the UI is made, it is much faster to manage sites in my oppinion.
But, I haven't used 9 in productions for a couple of reasons, first I can't manage to compile from source correctly so it prevents me to make quick patches if I need to. It lacks the option of having page icons for menus that use images such as a MegaMenu. And a few more small things, Chris Hammond outlines a couple things at

You can find the older versions at:

And the newer versions at:

I have upgrade many sites all the way from version 3 and there are a couple more old timers around, so feel free to reply if you encounter any issues.
New Post
6/12/2017 4:49 AM
Oh, and I think SQL Server 2003 is fine too. Also on a side note about SQL Server, you don't need the expensive versions, the free version of SQL is fine unless you need the additional features they provide.
HomeHomeGetting StartedGetting StartedNew to DNN Plat...New to DNN Plat...DNN 5.6.4 Software Requirements DNN 5.6.4 Software Requirements

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