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9/18/2015 12:10 PM


I was curious about two field types for DCC... 

First, it would be awesome if there is a "user" field type. What I've got in mind is that, in "read" mode, it would show some templated value like [DisplayName] ([Title]) or something (where we could change the template, of course). Then, in "edit" mode, it would be a type-to-search thing, like how messages works, allowing me to select a user. This would be huge for all sorts of things... 

The next one I was wondering about is file uploads. In read mode, it could show a download link or icon or something... and in edit mode, let you upload a file of some type(s). 

As a last thought, it would be very cool if we could do templated default values on fields. For example... say I wanted to use DCC to take applications for a program. It would be cool if I could make a field "Applicant" that is a user type, but that defaults to the user ID of the current user. Then, have a field like "Resume" that's a file upload.

Anyway - I know this is all still in development... but I'm really excited about the potential of DCC to really change a lot with DNN's core functionality... and I think including those things would be great.


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9/21/2015 2:28 PM

While we may not support these out of the box, ultimately a DCC Data Type is just a "formatting" layer above a few underlying data types - Integer, Decimal, String, Boolean.

Both User and Filecan be supported using the underlying Integer data types (so we would "store" the UserID and FileID respectively).  The work to support User and File is all about providing an Editor Template for editing Users and Files.  While Users is not planned at this time for the first release, we do intend to support File types and Image types (a subset of file).  Image and File would use the same Editor but the "display" template would be different.

As templates can be added at any time as files in the Host or Admin File area, anyone with the appropriate permissions can create a template and upload it (or using FTP), so if you can coerce your custom datatype into one of the Underlying types then you can do whatever you want.

Charles Nurse
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Evoq Content Team Lead,
DNN Corp.

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9/21/2015 4:34 PM
Great - thanks Charles... I'll look forward to it! Good to hear about the file type field being planned. Hopefully somebody can figure out how to make a user one as well.
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