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HomeHomeDevelopment and...Development and...DNN Platform (o...DNN Platform (o...CanCan't open "Create Module Definition" page when 3.5 assemblies loaded
New Post
3/25/2008 9:15 AM


Sorry I have already posted this problem and am waiting for post approval. However, I have foudn the cause of the problem.


I following the LinqThings4Sale tutorial and creating the module and upon attempting to Create the Module Definition, the Create Module Definition page did not open both from the menu and from the command button.

After commenting out the following lines from the web.config file, the page opened?:

        <add assembly="System.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B77A5C561934E089"/>
                <add assembly="System.Xml.Linq, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B77A5C561934E089"/>
                <add assembly="System.Data.DataSetExtensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B77A5C561934E089"/>
                <add assembly="System.Data.Linq, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089"/>
                <add assembly="System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35"/>

Can anyone tell me why this is occuring? I assume that I need these assemblies to run the Things4Sale module as stated in the tutorial?

Thanks and Regards,




New Post
3/25/2008 11:14 AM

Can you describe how you set up your development environment? Also, can you set up a new DNN install using one of these methods and seeing if you get the same problem:

  • Setting-up the Environment (using IIS)
  • Setting-up the Environment (without IIS)

  • Michael Washington
    A Free Open Source DotNetNuke Help Desk Module
    New Post
    3/26/2008 11:06 PM

    Hi Michael,

    I had installed the Source version of DotNetNuke on Windows Vista (IIS7) and then ran through the tutorial and experienced the said issues.

    Last night I cleared everything out and started from scratch with the Install version following the Vista installation instructions and then proceeded with the LinqThings4Sale tutorial and everything worked as expected.

    Thanks for your help!


    New Post
    3/31/2008 6:09 PM

    I have the same problem. Running DNN 4.8.2, .NET 3.5, IIS 6. Followed all instructions. When I click on Create Module Definition, it reloads the current page.  I reinstalled DNN from scratch. Clicked on Create Module Definition to make sure the new install worked, I was taken to the proper page.  Followed the instructions for Things4Sale, went to create module definitions, same thing again. I have no clue what is going on or where to start looking. I can't play around with creating modules if I can't get past the module definition creation!   Any ideas?  I could not find a DNN logfile that had any useful information in it.


    New Post
    4/2/2008 5:25 PM

    Exactly same problem here... Help plz...

    HomeHomeDevelopment and...Development and...DNN Platform (o...DNN Platform (o...CanCan't open "Create Module Definition" page when 3.5 assemblies loaded

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