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1/27/2018 7:06 AM

Often agile fans have a string of questions about how to effectively configure the JIRA Software’s agile dashboard to display contents relevant to the agile teams.

This article will primarily focus on the JIRA dashboard for scrum team, however, there will be many tips that apply to a Kanban team as well.

To start with, it is worth mentioning that in case you haven't read the guide about how to create a JIRA dashboard, stop right here, and go back to read it.  

There you will find killer ways to bring into being a new JIRA dashboard, and also the steps to add gadgets to it, which won't be repeated in the following post.

It is important to note that JIRA's agile dashboard is fun. It is simple, fast, and easy to use, provided you pick up the right gadgets.

Here's a list of gadgets that you can add to the JIRA dashboard to boost your team's performance.

1. The Sprint Health Gadget

JIRA's Sprint Health gadget compiles the most relevant metrics in the Sprint. It will be really useful if you have this gadget on the top-left so that everyone in the team can view who’s operating the Sprint. Moreover, this gadget helps team members to quickly identify if a project is heading for trouble.

Here's how you can use this gadget -

Choose the agile board from where you need to pull information for the Boardfield

Fire all the three options beneath so that the Sprint name, assignees, and board name is always visible

Apply the Next Sprint Due's auto feature to enable automatic updates

Click on the Save option to be super-informed about your work items.

2. The Sprint Burndown Gadget

The Sprint Burndown gadget on JIRA dashboard allows team members to track the record of a current sprint. It has a simple interface with the Sprint starting on the left and ending on the right. The Remaining Values line remain under the Guideline, displayed in grey.

To make the chart accurate, estimation at the starting of the Sprint is crucial. The chart utilizes the Sprint estimation to mark the Guideline. You will find 'flat spots' in the Guideline, which indicate the non-working days in the Sprint.

Here's how you can add this gadget to the JIRA dashboard-  

Pick an agile board of your choice for the Boardfield

Use the auto option in the Next Sprint Due again

3. Filter Results Gadget

The Filter Results gadget displays the mission-critical issues on the top right corner. With this gadget in your JIRA dashboard, you can make use of a JQL statement to detect issues under the Flagged field. To save JQL as a filter, follow the simple steps below -

Insert the JQL filter names under the Saved Filter field

Modify the total number of results that you want to address

Put the result Status below the Columns to access them quickly

4. The Two-dimensional Filter Statistics Gadget

The Two-Dimensional Filter Statistics gadget on the JIRA dashboard can be configured to split a dataset into convenient slices so that critical areas can be spotted easily. This gadget is usually used to identify the total workload, as well as the high priority fields that need immediate attention. This is what you should do to address the high priority concerns -

Save JQL as a filter, and insert the name of the filter under the Saved Filter field

Select the Status for X-axis field, and the Assignee for Y-axis field

Set Number of Results equivalent to the number of team members

Leave the other fields to default values and hit Save.

5. The Assigned to Me Gadget

Assigning out work items at Sprint meetings is a common picture that Sprint planners are used to seeing time and again. Often, when members face an issue they can't handle, they assign the work to another member who is proficient in managing such issues.

The Assigned to Me gadget is a tool that lists the work items designated to each member of the team. You will just have to add this gadget to the JIRA dashboard to get a complete gadget listing of the assigned work.

So that's it! Put these killers tips to use right at the Sprint's starting point, and don't forget to practice, practice, and practice till you get everything right. Enjoy the JIRA dashboard folks.

Visit for more!

HomeHomeOur CommunityOur CommunityGeneral Discuss...General Discuss...5 Killer Gadgets for the JIRA Dashboard5 Killer Gadgets for the JIRA Dashboard

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