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10/21/2007 10:09 PM

I have a friend who wants me to help them set up a DNN site which introduces the need to look for a good web hosting provider.  I have seen some posts here and there over the last year that I've been using DNN and come to some conclusions about some of the hosting sites out there but wanted to get a general consensus/idea for what people out there think.  I don't care if it has DNN auto install... all I really want is:

  • Inexpensive (one I'm considering out of Arizona is $16.95/mth for a plan that includes SQL, but I think that is a little on the steep side; I've had experience with them in ASP.NET in general, however, and been very pleased so they are #1 so far).
  • SQL 2000/2005; heck, even SQL express would be ok, I just want it to have SQL so I can install DNN
  • 500mb-1gb HD space or more
  • 50gb+ bandwidth

The DNN instances I have either run on my own server at home or on some uber dedicated servers at work so I don't really have a lot of experience with hosting providers in general.  Would love to get some feedback and opinions from what people out there are using, costs involved, etc.

Thanks in advance

-- Jon Seeley
DotNetNuke Modules
Custom DotNetNuke and .NET Development
New Post
10/22/2007 8:56 AM
Hi is quite good

The support is excellent and it costs around $8 a month. They will even set up your dnn site once you have built it

only 10GB a month on the bandwidth

Hope that helps

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New Post
10/22/2007 9:30 AM

I like JodoHost alot.  I have been with them for many years, and they are extremely professional and knowlegeable.  Their response time to tickets is amazing.  You can get a windows account for $6.95/mo, or you can get a reseller account for $17.95/mo which will also allow you to host Unix if needed and sell hosting services to your friend.  One of the best things I like about them is that you are never in the dark if there is a major problem.  Problems will occur, and they post about it on their forums, and literally give you a minute by minute update on the issue.  Here is a good example.

Good Luck,


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10/22/2007 1:07 PM

I have been extremely happy with

New Post
10/22/2007 1:58 PM

Everyone has their opinions.

I have used 3 different hosting companies for DNN, including GoDaddy, Ihost, and 3Essentials.

There is no question, there is no substitute.  For what you're asking, 3Essentials is the best.  Best customer support you could ask for.  Prompt, courteous, will work personally with you.  They actually answer their phone, etc.

Also happens to be where Mitchel Sellers hosts his sites.

EDIT: Once there, you'll most likely want to click the MULTIPLE DOMAIN tab and chooose B10 or B20, most likely.  These give you the most benefit for the price.

Chad Voller -- MCP, DNN Aficionado
Leapwise Media
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HomeHomeOur CommunityOur CommunityGeneral Discuss...General Discuss..."Best" hosting provider?"Best" hosting provider?

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