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1/10/2013 10:30 PM


I have written a gateway provider that sends the user to a 3rd party website for payment and after a successful payment it redirects them back to the checkout page, but it displays the Contact page/usercontrol and not the payment usercontrol.

I know that I can use invokePaymentSucceeded() and its kin to progress to the last checkout stage but I need show the response from the server and I cant seem to do that on the last stage.

Could someone please explain how to display the payment usercontrol after being redirected back to the checkout page?


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1/12/2013 1:37 PM


Please provide me more informations especially when it's about dev!

1) Which Store version do you use?
2) What's the provider name?
3) Do you have a link to their dev documentation?

Your provider seems to works like the PayPal provider, then I will use this provider to explain how it works in the code and I suppose you use the last Store version (03.01.07). PayPal have 3 URL parameters: ReturnURL, CancelURL and NotifyURL. If you look at the code of this provider, you can see that a ReturnURL, CancelURL and NotifyURL are computed (PayPalPayment.ascx.cs, method ConfirmOrder) and added as parameters (form fields) to the form submited to the provider address (this is done inside provider.ProcessTransaction(...) and return an instance of DotNetNuke.Store.Cart.RemoteForm). ReturnURL and CancelURL uses a PayPalNavigation object to create both URLs, the resulting URL is the current URL with two query string parameters added at the end: http://www.domainname.tld/pagename/default.aspx?GatewayExit=[return/cancel]&OrderID=[order number]. Those query string parameters are required, we will see later how to use it. NotifyURL is build by string concatenation because this is a different URL used by PayPal to inform your website of the transaction result (accepted, rejected, ...) in the background (IPN process).

When the visitor return from the provider page, your payment control (PROVIDERNAMEPayment.ascx.cs) is reloaded by the Checkout control. You have to test the query string parameters to decide what to do in your control! The PayPal provider (PayPalPayment.ascx.cs) check the order status in the Page_Load event. If the query string contains a parameter GatewayExit with the value equal to RETURN, the order status is checked (PayPalIPNParameters object) and depending of the result, InvokePaymentSucceeded() or InvokePaymentRequiresConfirmation() is called. Those events callback are used to display the correct message (thank you..., awaiting payment...) to the user. Finally, the payment control is hidden (CheckoutControl.Hide()) and the wrapper panel is hidden (this is not really required, it's just a double security!). If you want to display something else than the order number and confirmation message, DON'T call CheckoutControl.Hide()! Instead, you should have two panels in your control. The first one with message and button to build the form and redirect to the provider website, and a second one to display a specific message when you return from the provider website. This way, by default you will have to hide the second panel in the Page_Load event and depending of the query string parameters hide the first one and display the second one!


We (team members) are Humans offering their knowledge, their work and their spare time FOR FREE to benefit the community. It would be so particularly appreciated that your messages begin with "Hello" and end with "Thank you" or any other form of politeness. Ask yourself what your reaction would be, if you were approached by me (a total stranger) on the street to ask you something without saying "Hello" nor "Thank you"? After several years of services dedicated to the community, I begin to be tired to read requests without any form of politeness.
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1/13/2013 7:12 PM
Hi Gilles,

Thanks for your response, I am using version 03.01.07 and I have access to the dev documentation.

Long story short I was deleting the order and the cart too early causing a null exception error when setting the order status, which lead to CheckoutControl.Hide() being called.

Thanks for your time.
HomeHomeDNN Open Source...DNN Open Source...Module ForumsModule ForumsStoreStoreHow to deal with a redirect during the payment process?How to deal with a redirect during the payment process?

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