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8/23/2012 4:27 PM

I installed Store for the first time today. (version 3.0.0 onto a DNN 5.6.x)

I know that I saw a field with checkbox to indicate virtual product when I was going through the initial setup, but now I cannot find it on any of the obvious module settings pages. I must have selected a value for another field that disables Virtual Products? Can you kindly advise how to enable, as from what I am learning, the products (for example training or seminar) I intend to sell are "virtual".



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8/23/2012 7:55 PM


Gilles is really active in these forums and I'm sure he'll check in on this soon... Still, for what it's worth, I had a little trouble with the virtual products myself. I think they require a download. So, when you set them up, you have to set an item that the user can download when they buy the product. 

Of course, for training seminars and stuff, that doesn't make much sense.

He recommended to me elsewhere that you instead make a normal product that has no weight and no shipping costs. 

Hope this helps,


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8/23/2012 8:42 PM


Yea, thanks for your perspective. I'll bet you are correct. I'll still be curious what Giles has to say for future reference. 

Regarding the Store module, in addition to basic product and payment processing support, I was looking for something with a high degree of standards compliance (CSS and HTML) as well as (a hope) for WCAG support. I was pleased that upon installing Store and setting up some basic products without even playing with the templates, the code is very standards compliant and I believe its going to look good for accessibility based on a few quick observations. None of the other store modules for purchase or open source have as good adherence to standards.

For those of us that serve people with disabilities, we are constantly looking for this good quality. And in DNN, its harder to find than it should be. Excellent job from what I can tell so far for the Store team!


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8/23/2012 10:18 PM

Hi Shawn,

It depends of what you really needs, let me explain a little! ;-) If you sell ebooks, documents or softwares then you have to use the 'Virtual Product' feature. On the other hand, if you sell an access to some resources like pages or videos about lessons, then you do not have to use this feature but instead link a product to a DNN role! Finally, if you sell access to a classroom you should use the Events module.

To sell 'real' virtual products:

- Check the settings 'Allow Virtual Products' in the Store Admin module
- Edit one of your products and check 'Virtual Product', two new fields should appears just below (Product File and Allowed Downloads)
- In the 'Product File' field, select 'File (A File On Your site) then browse and select the corresponding file (pdf, zip, ...)
- In the 'Allowed Downloads' field, enter how many times this product can be downloaded or -1 if unlimited
- Save your changes

Now when this product will be ordered AND paid a new link (Downloads) will be available on top of the Store Account module. You should adapt the text of the order confirmation email to explain that. Please read the Templating Guide available at Codeplex for details. As Mike explained, you can remove any unwanted field in the Store Catalog module by using templates.

To sell 'access' to some part of your website, please this post.

At last, thanks for your kind comments about standards. I tried to use the less possible hard coded HTML tags, almost everythings can be changed using templates. Also, I do not use postbacks in the Store Menu and the Sore Catalog module because I read than some peripherals for people do not works well with this  and it's better for SEO! :-) If you have some comments to increase use by people with disabilities, please make suggestions!


We (team members) are Humans offering their knowledge, their work and their spare time FOR FREE to benefit the community. It would be so particularly appreciated that your messages begin with "Hello" and end with "Thank you" or any other form of politeness. Ask yourself what your reaction would be, if you were approached by me (a total stranger) on the street to ask you something without saying "Hello" nor "Thank you"? After several years of services dedicated to the community, I begin to be tired to read requests without any form of politeness.
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8/23/2012 10:31 PM


I'm quite curious about your comment regarding use of Events to sell attendance to for example a seminar. I've been configuring the Store module to treat a seminar that I'm going to offer as a "product". That should work, but I had no idea that Events module could be tied somehow to payment processing. If you can point me in the right direction to information to help set that up, I might like to learn it, even if the Store module works for me.

The Events module unfortunately is one of the least standards compliant. I have had to alter numerous css and ascx files and avoid use of some features in order to keep my portals clean for accessibility.

I will make a note to myself to post a brief report to you for accessibility enhancements for the Store.


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