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3/27/2018 11:10 PM


Evotiva DNNUpgrade DNNUpgrade provides a set of tools that helps DNN users to accelerate and automate DNN sites upgrades. DNNUpgrade is the perfect companion of DNNBackup enabling guided, safe and fast DNN Installations upgrades.

Azure Compatible


Release Notes

2.2.0 (Friday, March 23, 2018)
  • ENH: Compatible with DNN 9.2
  • ENH: Still compatible with DNN 4/5/6/7/8/9
  • ENH: Updated suggested upgrade path.


More Information & Downloads

Major highlights

  • Ideal solution for DNN or Evoq upgrading.
  • it is the perfect companion for DNNBackup
  • Given your current DNN version, it shows you the ideal upgrade path to the latest version currently available.
  • It can work with or without DNNBackup.
  • You don't need to worry about hunting for the DNN upgrade packages. Was it in CodePlex? Is it in GitHub? Where can I get it? In which Url?. DNNUpgrade will show you all the available releases in a simple and consistent way.
  • Since 2018 ClodePlex is gone. You can't find upgrade packages for DNN 4, 5, 6, or 7? Don't worry! DNNUpgrade still can deliver to you the proper upgrade package for your DNN (or very old DotNetNuke) installation.
  • It can download for you the upgrade packages available in the could. The downloaded packages can be kept in the configured 'Upgrade' folder or they can be automatically deleted after they have been applied.
  • Nothing happens 'behind scenes'. The upgrade actions happen exactly the same as if you were manually performing them, but faster.
  • You can upload and apply your own upgrade packages.
  • Along with the packages available in the could, it will allow you to choose from the locally available packages, which can be in a folder outside the web site's root or it could also be a network share.
  • All versions of DNN and Evoq are supported (via manually uploaded upgrade packages).
  • It does work on Windows Azure
  • The Inventory is a very useful free tool for testing an upgraded site.
  • It types for you: The way it operates is the same as you would manually do, but faster and efficiently.
  • By default, just 'Host' users can use this module, but it can be configured to allow 'Administrators' too.
  • Locked Settings: You can define a set of fixed settings (e.g. pointing to a shared folder where customized upgrade packages are) that the users will not be able to update unless they have direct (i.e. FTP) access to the server, even being a 'host' or 'Administrator' user. See the module's "Mandatory Settings" setting.
  • The license key can be auto-installed. if a “/portals/_default/Evotiva.DNNUpgrade.LicenseKey.resources” file is found or a “/desktopmodules/Evotiva-DNNUpgrade/Evotiva.DNNUpgrade.LicenseKey.resources” is found, it will be automatically installed.
  • The available GitHub releases will be automatically hidden in DNN paid versions.
  • You can configure if local upgrade packages can be utilized, uploaded or deleted.
  • Thanks to the "Mandatory Settings" feature, you can let users (Hosts and optionally also Admins) upgrade their sites when they want (from the package configured for them). This is, assuming the upgrade was already applied and verified in a clone site.
  • The "Upgrade Packages Folder Browser" feature allows you to see, download and delete local packages (if these options are enabled in the module's settings page), and "Installation Inventory" reports.
  • Unattended upgrades by calling directly the 'upgrade progress' Url.
  • Can be configured to only download upgrade packages from the could.
  • It can notify you by email if there is a new stable DNN version available.
HomeHomeOur CommunityOur CommunityCommunity Membe...Community Membe...Evotiva DNNUpgrade 2.2 Released | Accelerate your DNN upgrade processEvotiva DNNUpgrade 2.2 Released | Accelerate your DNN upgrade process

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