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6/6/2011 5:37 AM
We have added some great Slide Down Effects to our Advanced Login Module. See the demo here.

DotNetNuke Advanced Login Module

DotNetNuke (dnn) user registration process. DotNetNuke user login process. All custom and all from a simple to use module.

This module allows you to control every part of the DotNetNuke user registration process. Allowing registration and login with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Best of all, the module works with some exciting Drop Down and Popup on page jQuery effects. Allowing you to give some great user experiences with your DotNetNuke website.


  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Install
  • New interface
  • Drop Down
  • Pop Up
  • Custom Redirect
  • E-mail Only Login
  • IP Address Blocking

      Module Website

      Free Trial

      Version History

      Live Demo


About this DNN Module

This DotNetNuke Login Module allows you to replace the existing DNN user registration and login modules, to customize the look and feel of how you handle your DotNetNuke users.:

Slide Down Effect


Slide Down Register

Easy to Configure


Template Driven Look and Feel


CSS Driven Control




Features Include


DNN Facebook Login

Clients can connect to your DotNetNuke website or register with their Facebook accounts.


jQuery Pop Up Effect

Built in jQuery popup style template control for login and registration on any DNN website.

 Description: Dot Net Nuke Modules Controls

Simple Control Panel

As with all our products, we work hard to keep our interface simple. Again with this DNN module, we have made the control of options as simple as can be.

 Description: DotNeNuke Capcha

Optionally Require Captcha

Capcha can be enabled at for login, requiring users to prove they are human and not a bruit force attack on your site.

 Description: Dot Net Nuke Password

Password Recovery Option

You can allow users to recover their forgotten password details with either a user name or an e-mail address.

 Description: Dot Net Nuke Custom Message

Custom Messages

We have included Text/HTML messages for Failure and Password Recovery, making it easy to create good looking e-mail messages to your users.

 Description: Dot Net Nuke Redirect

Redirect a User based on Role

You can redirect a DNN user to a specific URL on your site, based on a specific DotNetNuke security role that he user is in. Redirect DNN Role

 Description: Dot Net Nuke Profiles

Redirect a User based on Profile

You can define a custom profile property for users, and in an individual DotNetNuke user setting, redirect that user after login. Redirect DNN User

Description: Dot Net Nuke Data 

Multiple Hit Selection Data

If a user is login in with e-mail address for example, and there are multiple users with the same address, you can display a list of duplications with your choice of profile data.

Description: Dot Net Nuke Redirect Login 

Redirect After Login

You can enter a custom URL for users to be redirected after login. This way you can use multiple instances of the module on one site, and redirect to certain pages from each instance.

Description: Dot Net Nuke Access Control

Control Access on IP Address

Define a custom list of allowable or restricted IP addresses. These will then permit or deny access to the website based on those addresses.

Description: Dot Net Nuke IP Address

Redirect with IP Address

Redirect users after login based on the IP address range that they have. Use the module to give true protection to your website!


Why We Created This Module

We found that one of the most important processes you and deliver to a users with your website is a great looking and easy to user experience with the login and registration on your site. DotNetNuke has a process that is sufficient but not outstanding. We simply took the process that is in place and extended it with this module.

While creating the process, we also added some fine control over the redirection and restricted access via IP address, and other processes that help to deliver a great module that is easy to use.

Example of The Use

You can see an example of the configuration of the Pop-up mode here:


We have also given some example of how to configure various modes and uses of the module in our online help and support page here.

Update Policy

Check out our Update Policy.





SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and Express

DNN Versions

DNN 4.5.0 and Later including DNN 5 (all versions)

Download Package

PA Install Files for supported DNN Versions

Version History


Source Code

Source code is not available for the module.


Free Unlimited Updates in accordance with our update policy Here


HomeHomeOur CommunityOur CommunityCommunity Membe...Community Membe...Login and Register with Slide Down EffectLogin and Register with Slide Down Effect

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