DNN Improvement Program

DNN Improvement Program

DNN Corp is committed to building great products and continually invests in understanding the needs of people using our products.   The product creation process for DNN Corp takes into consideration a broad range of inputs including in-person interviews, anonymous surveys, internal evaluations and usability tests.   We believe that our continuous focus on understanding how our products are used has allowed us to continually improve them.    As comprehensive as our outreach methods are, they still do not capture input or feedback from important groups of people who use our products if they do not receive surveys or are from different languages and cultures.

We believe that solving the problem of understanding in depth how our products are used will be greatly facilitated by the implementation of the DNN Improvement Program.  The DNN Improvement Program has been created to capture the broad experiences of people who use DNN Products.   The Program involves the collection of anonymous product usage details and is completely voluntary.    This Frequently Asked Questions page answers the most common questions around the DNN Improvement Program.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does it work?

The DNN Improvement Program works by sending anonymized usage data when specific features in DNN Product are used.  For example, if you visit the Site Management page in your Evoq Content installation, the DNN Improvement Program will register that one person looked at that feature.  By aggregating the data, DNN Corp can understand which features are most used and which are least used.  This data can be used when designing the Information Architecture for future products with the aim of ultimately making the products easier and more intuitive to use.

Can I opt-out of data collection?

Yes, participation in the DNN Improvement Program is entirely voluntary.   You may opt in or opt out at any time.  Data Collection will cease from the time you opt out of collection.

Will I be contacted for any reason if I opt in?

No.  As no personal details are captured, there is no way of contacting you or any person that uses the software.

Is it possible to review and approve the information before it is sent to DNN Corp?

Unfortunately, that is not possible as the data is sent during product usage, and interrupting your work for approval would make for a bad product experience.   In addition, much of the data is encoded to anonymize it making visual review impossible.

How is the data anonymous and how is my privacy protected?

The data is made anonymous before sending by using a one-way hash of fields which are not public information.  An example of public information is the sites domain name.   No names, emails or other personal information are sent.  The DNN Improvement Program does, in some cases, send a hashed value of different user records so that DNN Corp can understand if different users are accessing different features.  This is important to understand how different people experience our products.

Where is the data stored?

The primary data storage facility for the DNN Improvement Data is located in the United States.  The data may originate in any country where DNN Product Features are accessed and may traverse other countries before being stored.  The data may be temporarily stored or processed in other countries by DNN Corp or authorized affiliates, subsidiaries or agents of DNN Corp.

How is the data secured?

DNN Corp is committed to the security of all data and systems.   The DNN Improvement Program data and systems use a variety of security technologies, practices and procedures to prevent unauthorized access.  The physical data centre is secured via access control and the access to the DNN Improvement Program data is restricted to authorized individuals.

What data is captured?

The data captured may vary between products and product versions.  The data is focused on the use of the DNN product features and not on the interactions with your site visitors and customers.  The data is generally sent by making a web request to the DNN Improvement Program API as you use the features within your DNN Product.   The data captured contains both the specific feature and context being used, as well as general web request data such as originating host, date/time, user agent and browser culture.

There is no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) captured in the DNN Improvement Program, and will never be.  

Is the DNN Improvement Program classified as Spyware?

No.  The collection of data is performed with the consent of the owner of the DNN Product and this page serves to clarify the scope and activities of the data collection.   DNN Corp does not support secret collection of data without consent.  We greatly value DNN Product users' input and encourage them to actively participate in shaping the future direction of DNN Products by opting in to this program.

Is the DNN Improvement Program the Update Service?

The DNN Update Service allows for DNN Products to notify the owner when new versions have been released.  It is a separate function to the DNN Improvement Program and has a different opt-out.

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 This version of this page was updated on August 17, 2016.

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