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Re-use content on your site and publish it to multiple channels.

Liquid takes the shape of the objects it’s placed in and flows around barriers and obstacles.

With Liquid Content™, your content becomes fluid and adaptable, and can easily be published to any channel.

Liquid Content serves as a headless CMS for creating, managing and organizing your content. From Liquid Content, you can publish to your Evoq website, or use our stateless API to publish content to a microsite, kiosk, app, or even another CMS.

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time savings

Time Savings

With Liquid Content, you Create Once, Publish Everywhere ("COPE"). When it's time to update content, you make the change once, and all references are updated immediately, both on your site and in other channels.

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Consistency Across Channels

Managing multiple instances of the same content can be error-prone. Publishing inconsistent product or pricing information can be disastrous. Liquid Content ensures your content is consistent, yet contextual across channels.

omnichannel publishing

Omnichannel Publishing

Your content needs to be fluid and adaptable, so that it can travel anywhere. Using the stateless API of Liquid Content, your content can live beyond your website, to apps, social media sites, Internet of Things devices, and even in another CMS.

How to Use

how to administer

How to Access

In edit mode on a page, click the "Content" icon from the persona bar, then select Content Items. From here, you'll find tabs for Content, Content Types and Visualizers.

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Content Types

Content in Liquid Content can be of any defined content type. Default content types include Content Block, Department, Job Posting, and People. You can create custom content types, or you can customize a default content type by duplicating it and then editing the copy.

detailed documentation

Detailed Documentation

To learn more about Content Types, Content Items, Visualizers and Content Fields, you'll find detailed documentation in our Documentation Center.

Liquid Content makes your content fluid and adaptable.

With re-use and omnichannel publishing, your content goes wherever it needs to be. 

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visualizers make content publishing easy


Our library of 100+ visualizers bring content stored in Liquid Content to life.

form builder

Form Builder

Easily add forms to pages, then see how they perform.

WYSIWYG editor


A simple-to-use editor for your CMS authoring needs.


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In this eBook, we break down the selection process for both IT and business users and show you how to make the decision as a team.

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In a custom demo, we can show you the full power and potential of Liquid Content

What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
Find Out
What is Liquid Content?
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