Inline Image Editor

inline image editor

Crop, re-size and rotate images, directly in your CMS.

We give you an image editor, conveniently embedded within our WYSIWYG editor. Crop, re-size and rotate uploaded images, all without leaving the Evoq CMS.



time savings

Save time

By cropping and re-sizing images directly in Evoq, you save the time of using a separate photo editing application.

editing an image

Optimize images for key site metrics

Optimizing your image for size, orientation and placement can impact key website metrics, such as page load time and time on site.

How to Use

how to access

How to access

In the WYSIWYG editor, left-click on an image. The inline image editing controls will appear directly beneath the editor’s formatting toolbar.

editing an image

Editing an Image

Via the inline image editor controls, you can rotate, crop and re-size. There are options for padding, alt text and alignment. You can also delete an image.

Resize, crop and rotate images, directly in your CMS.

Evoq makes it easy for you to resize and optimize images directly in our WYSIWYG editor. 

inline image editor - title and alt text        inline image editor - crop image

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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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