Built-In Responsive Templates

Built-in responsive template: home page

Because a mobile-friendly experience is a must

There's no doubt about it: your site needs to provide a mobile-friendly experience for visitors on tablets and phones. Evoq gives you themes and modules that are mobile responsive "out of the box," with no customization or coding required.

The following modules provide mobile-responsive design out of the box:
Content Layout


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Time and Cost Savings

With options that provide built-in responsive design, we save you the time and money of having a mobile-friendly theme developed for you. Instead, you can focus on providing the right content to your target audience.

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Higher User Satisfaction

Mobile users who visit a non-mobile-friendly site will leave right away. By creating a great experience for mobile visitors, you'll make them more satisfied and keep them on your site longer.

How to Use

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How to Access

The default theme in Evoq ("Cavalier") is mobile-responsive. You can use that theme right away, with no action required. In addition, our Content Layout module, which is used to add content blocks to a page, is mobile-responsive.

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Commercial Themes

The DNN Store provides a wide array of themes for purchase, most of which are mobile friendly. You can purchase a mobile-friendly theme from the store, then apply it to your Evoq site.

Mobile-friendly templates, right out of the box.

If you select a built-in theme or template in Evoq, your pages will be mobile-friendly without any work or effort. 

Mobile-responsive templates: homepage         Mobile-responsive templates: publisher page

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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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