Advanced URL Management

URL management

Save time managing URL redirects.

When a page URL changes, it's critical to "redirect" search engines from the old URL to the new one. Advanced URL Management helps you automate and customize how your site handles URL redirects.

Proper management of redirects guarantees that a search engine never encounters an invalid (HTTP 404) page on your site.

These 404 errors can hurt your position in organic search results. Without Advanced URL Management, redirect rules are maintained manually and prone to human error.


time savings

Time Savings

Save time by automating the management of redirect rules. In Evoq, you can define "find and replace" rules via simple text and complex regular expressions. Reduce the time of manual redirect updates.

less error prone

Fewer Errors

By creating automated rules, your redirects are less prone to human error. This, in turn, means fewer 404 errors. And that can lead to higher search rankings.

How to Use

how to administer

Accessing Advanced URL Management

Advanced URL Management is accessible to host users only, via the Admin menu. There are three tabs available: General, Regular Expressions and Test URL.

URL redirects

Validating Redirect Rules

Use our "Test URL Rewriting" feature to validate redirect rules. Enter a URL to test and Evoq provides the rewriting and redirect results.

Save time managing your redirects.

Evoq helps you automate the management or URL redirects, while providing quality assurance tools to ensure they work properly. 

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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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