A lot has been happening at DNN. The following is a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to recent changes.

Q. I ended up on this website (, but was trying to reach

A. Not to worry, you found the right place. Our company, which was formerly called DotNetNuke, is now DNN Corp. The DotNetNuke open source platform is now called DNN Platform. And we’ve redirected to We realize that this may seem like a lot to digest at once. For more background on these changes, have a read through this blog post by Shaun Walker, our Co-Founder and CTO.

Q. What’s new with DNN, the company?

A. We’ve hit a substantial milestone in our company’s history around new products and new ways to make them available to our customer base. We’ve extended our commercial offering, which is now called DNN Evoq, with new features for both our CMS application, called Evoq Content and our Social Business application, called Evoq Social. The applications can be used together or separately to power immersive, interactive online experiences.

In addition, we’ve just released Evoq in the Cloud, which extends our ability to service customers in any environment through a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. We now offer on-premise and cloud versions of our solutions, to ensure we can accommodate both .NET and non-.NET users.

Q. I see the name “Evoq” a lot on your website. What is it?

A. We wanted to clearly delineate the open source platform from our commercial solutions. The open source platform carries the “DNN Platform” name, while our commercial solutions come under the “Evoq” brand. Here’s a comparison between old and new:

  • DotNetNuke Community Edition -> DNN Platform
  • DotNetNuke Professional Edition -> Evoq Content
  • DotNetNuke Enterprise Edition -> Evoq Content: Enterprise
  • DNN Social -> Evoq Social

In addition, we use the “DNN Evoq” name to refer to the suite of commercial solutions. Today, the suite includes Evoq Content and Evoq Social, but we continue to work on new applications to add to the suite.

Q. Where did the name “Evoq” come from?

A. We wanted a solution name that captured the spirit of our company, our products and the results we want to enable with our customers. We also wanted a name that is unique, memorable and suggestive.

We asked company team members to think of words that encapsulate our mission and many ideas can up around creativity, impact and personality. A business website should “evoke” the personality, value proposition and uniqueness of that business.

Q. I’m a Professional Edition customer. Do I need to purchase Evoq Content?

A. No. DotNetNuke Professional Edition has simply been re-named Evoq Content. That means you’re already an Evoq Content customer.

Q. I’m a DNN Social customer. I suppose that means I’m now an Evoq Social customer. Do I need to now purchase Evoq Content?

A. No. Evoq Content and Evoq Social can be purchased as a suite or individually. You are not required to purchase both.

Q. What’s the future of the DotNetNuke open source project, platform and community?

A. Other than a name change to “DNN Platform,” everything remains the same. The DNN Platform continues to be open source, and free, and we’ll continue to actively contribute to the project and act as the project steward. We’re more committed to open source than ever, and it’s the foundation on which all of our commercial offerings sit. We have a top-level page called “Platform” on our website that serves as the focal point of the open source platform.

Q. What is the pricing for DNN Evoq?

A. DNN Evoq is available as a complete solution (including both Content and Social applications) or as individual applications – Evoq Content and Evoq Social. Pricing is not user-based. It’s based on the size, complexity and performance needs of the customer. Pricing is different for on-premise and cloud, with cloud being higher to accommodate hosting costs. Please contact the DNN Sales Team for pricing for your specific requirements.

Q. What is the cloud offering?

A. Our new cloud solution, Evoq in the Cloud, provides businesses with the performance, scalability, and reliability of a hosted platform to run DNN Evoq solutions. It is powered by Windows Azure and is a fully-managed service offering with a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Q. I’m finding some “Page Not Found” errors (HTTP 404) on your site.

A. Our old website had over 10 years of history behind it. Migrating the old site to this brand new site was a fairly complex task. The new website went live in early July 2013, so it’s possible that not all pages are functional. We’re working on making sure 100% of the site is functional as quickly as possible, and adding new content all the time!

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