Add a Module to a Page via the Persona Bar

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  1. Go to the page to edit.
  2. Go to Persona Bar > Edit.
    Persona Bar > Edit
  3. Within a pane, click/tap on the module icon.

    Pane with content icons

  4. Choose the module to add to the current pane.
    1. Hover over the module in the list to expose the bookmark and plus icons.

      Module List > Hover to highlight the module.

    2. Click/Tap the plus icon.
  5. You can move the module to a different pane in the current page.
    • You can hover over the empty area of the action menu bar of the module until the cursor changes to a four-arrow cursor, then drag the module to a different pane.

      Hover over action menu bar of the module, then drag to a different pane.

    • You can click/tap on the four-arrow icon to expand the Move action menu, which contains the list of panes on the page. Then choose the target pane.

      Click/Tap on the four-arrow icon, then choose the target pane from the list.