View the Latest Versions of a File

  • Platform
  • Evoq Content
  • Evoq Engage
Note: If versioning is disabled, the asset history will show only the current version.


  • A host / super user account. Hosts have full permissions to all sites in the DNN instance.


  1. Go to Persona Bar > Content > Assets.
    Persona Bar > Content > Assets
  2. Go to the folder that contains the asset or subfolder.
    • If the containing folder is within the current folder, select it from the cards.

      Assets grid

    • Otherwise, select it from the folder dropdown, which displays the hierarchy of all folders.

      Folder selection


    The breadcrumbs show your current location in the folder hierarchy.


  3. Hover over the asset card in the grid to expose the vertical icon bar. Click/Tap the pencil icon.

    Asset card iconbar - pencil

  4. In the Versioning tab, click/tap the eye (Preview) icon for the version you want.

    Asset > Edit > Versioning — Preview