Configure Connections to External Service Providers

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  1. Under Configure Connections, choose the service provider in the list and click/tap Connect or Edit.

    Configure Connections expanded tabs

  2. Provide the information required by the service provider.
    Tip: Some connectors can be configured further in the Advanced Settings dialog, if available. Simply click/tap Connect, then click/tap the gear icon for that connector.

    Connectors gear icon

    Provider Fields
    Amazon S3
    • Access Key ID
    • Secret Access Key

    How to get your Amazon S3 access key ID and secret.

    • Account Name
    • Account Key
    • Container. The type of data that you want to be synchronized with Azure.
      • backups
      • portals
      • wad-iis-logfiles (Azure logfiles)

    How to get your Azure account name and key.

    • Client ID
    • Client Secret

    How to get your Box client ID and secret.

    • Disqus Shortname
    • API Key

    How to get your Disqus shortname and API key. Disqus URL is Disqus Shortname; the Public Key is the API Key.

    • App Key
    • App Secret

    How to get your Dropbox app key and secret. Scroll down to "Where can I find my app key and secret?"

    • App ID
    • App Secret

    How to get your Facebook app ID and secret.

    Google Analytics
    • Tracking ID

    How to get your Google Analytics tracking ID.

    Click/tab the gear icon to create segmentation rules in Advanced Settings. For each rule,

    • Name and Value. The key-and-value pair that defines the criteria for the segmentation. Example: To create a segment that includes the activities of registered users only,
      • Set Name to Registered User.
      • Set Value to True.
    • Page. The pages whose associated activity to analyze.
    • Role. The roles whose associated activity to analyze.

    For more information, see How to Segment Your Visitors in Google Analytics Using Evoq.

    Google Analytics Advanced Settings

    • API Key
    • API Secret

    How to get your LinkedIn API key and secret.

    • API Key

    How to get your MailChimp API key.

    After saving the API Key, click/tab the gear icon to configure user and list associations in Advanced Settings.

    MailChimp Advanced Settings

    • Munchkin Account ID

    How to get your Marketo Munchkin account ID.

    • Optimizely Snippet

    How to get your Optimizely snippet.

    • API Key
    • API Secret

    How to get your Twitter API key and secret.

    • Zendesk URL
    • Agent Email
    • Agent Password

    How to create a ZenDesk agent.

    Click/tab the gear icon to select fields to track in Advanced Settings.

    • Select Additional Fields

    Zendesk Advanced Settings

  3. Click/tap Save.