Add Content to Page Quickly via the Persona Bar

  • Evoq Content
  • Evoq Engage


  1. Go to the page to edit.
  2. Go to Persona Bar > Edit.
    Persona Bar > Edit
  3. Within a pane, click/tap on the appropriate icon to add text, an image, or a module.

    Pane with content icons

  4. You can move the module to a different pane in the current page.
    • You can hover over the empty area of the action menu bar of the module until the cursor changes to a four-arrow cursor, then drag the module to a different pane.

      Hover over action menu bar of the module, then drag to a different pane.

    • You can click/tap on the four-arrow icon to expand the Move action menu, which contains the list of panes on the page. Then choose the target pane.

      Click/Tap on the four-arrow icon, then choose the target pane from the list.