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The URL control provides you a method to allow users to select files, upload new files, or add/select URLs within settings, or content for a module.

By using the URL control you give direct access to the included file access/permissions that DotNetNuke provides to a web site.


To use the control within a module control there is a two step process, first register the control

<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="UrlControl" Src="~/controls/UrlControl.ascx"%>

Then place the control where desired

<dnn:UrlControl ID="ControlNameHere" runat="server"/>


There are a number of properties available for the control, the following table shows a highlight of the most commonly used ones.

Common properties
ShowFilesIF true, allow users to select files, if false they will not be able to select/upload files.
ShowLogAllow users to see tracking statistics for clicks to the resources within the URL Control, downloads, clicks throughs, etc.
ShowTrackAllow for the tracking of clicks and downloads of the resources accessed via the Url Control, only then accessible through the ShowLog property
ShowUploadAllow users to upload files through this instance of the Url Control. File upload permissions are dependant upon the File permissions via the Admin - File Manager page.
ShowNewWindowIf true, when creating a link to a resource (file/url) you can allow for that link to open in a new window)
UrlTypeAcceptable values, F, U, P, for File (link to a file), U (link to a URL) or P (link to an existing DNN page)
UrlIf the user has provided a URL you can populate the setting through this property.
LogBoolean value to see if the user has selected the log option
TrackBoolean value to see if the user has selected the Track option
NewWindowBoolean value to see if the user has selected the New Window option

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