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— 1 Comment Showing the tabId on the page settings

It would be helpful if the tabid was written somewhere in the page settings dialogs (e.g. on the advanced settings tab). In 'popup mode' the querystring is not visible, therefore it is much harder to immediately see the tabid. For skinners / …

  • Submitted
— 1 Comment Use Ventrian Newsarticles for Announcement module

The Ventrian modules are used by many DNN sites/users over the past years. I noticed the development/support stopped. Maybe DNN can adopt this module?

  • Accepted
— 0 Comments Add module info button to module toolbar in edit mode

I often have the problem when there are a lot of modules on a page to identify the module type or moduleid, especially when the module title is empty. Thinking about a solution for this, the empty module dragbar comes to my mind and I made a draft of …

  • Scheduled
— 16 Comments Make Workflow a part of the core

The workflow features in the HTML module are great but it would be much better if this feature could be part of DNN Core so modules could take advantage of it and provide a more integrated scenario accross all modules in DNN. For example why not adding …

  • Accepted
— 14 Comments Reduce Module Markup

I'd like to see some sort of inititive to simplify and reduce the html markup generated around a module. It makes it cumbersome to use jquery to select modules for manipulation with so many layers. There is currently 5 layers of divs to get through …

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