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— 0 Comments Maintenance Cycles: Disable Logins except for approved list

We are required to disable all logins to DNN during any type upgrades to our DNN.  We have a solution that is pretty ridiculous to disable logins but still allow our testers a backdoor to login, which basically means that if a user could figure …

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— 0 Comments Allow users to insert code sample in community exchange

Actually code samples are stripped from post in Community exchange. It seems we are many to try insert code sample without success.

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— 0 Comments Secure file permission

Currently, you can secure a folder with permission. It would be useful if you can also secure an individual file with permission. For example, a site may want to allow only certain registered users or roles to have access to a downloadable PDF, without …

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— 11 Comments Use Bootstrap as the default css framework

DNN should start using bootstrap as the default css framework. It would make skinning easier & help make the platform responsive by default. By using bootsrap you are letting dedicated css pro's who know what they are talking about do most of the hard …

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— 1 Comment System Messages Email from address Granularity

Noticed something that would deb a nice feature to have. When a user sends a message or for that matter any notification message that uses the Messaging Module sends a notification message to the user(s). This is a nice, but the email address it uses for …

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