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Evoq Content Web CMS

Bring everyone to the table for streamlined, more effective web content management.

Website management has broken down walls between IT and their colleagues. Marketers, creatives, editors, and even external agencies contribute content that brings websites to life. That means multiple people - even dozens at some companies - editing content, moving pages, and uploading assets, while IT ensures the website is always fast and reliable.

Evoq Content gives everyone on your extended website team what they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively, without compromising form or function.



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business userS

Whether you're in marketing, human resources, or operations, Evoq Content makes it easy to update website content, images, documents, and any other type of digital asset.


Engineers and software developers can leverage the full extensibility of DNN Evoq Content’s open API, as well as third party CMS modules from the DNN® Store.

content editors

Broaden your content authoring team without risk. Evoq Content ensures that the right people inside and outside your company have the right level of access to your site.

Our award-winning DNN Evoq Content CMS professional solution is easy to use

Award-Winning CMS

  • Easy to use Content Management System (CMS).
  • Powerful yet simple CMS features, including content management and workflow.
  • Boundless extensibility via Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) and third party modules.
  • Mobile CMS device support via adaptive rendering and device auto-detection.
  • eCommerce capabilities, including robust order management.

Why Evoq Content for CMS?

  • Create and manage compelling and interactive web sites.
  • Develop and manage eCommerce web properties to drive revenue growth.
  • The ultimate in flexibility and extensibility: if you can dream it, Evoq Content can deliver it.
  • The industry’s leading customer support experience.

Take it for a test drive.

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It’s easy: store and manage your website content,
then allow visitors to find it.


Document Management

A full document management solution within the CMS allows you to store, control and view documents online. Document folders can be defined in a hierarchical structure with as many levels as you choose. Access rights to each folder can be granted to specific users, or to groups of users. Workflow and versioning capabilities are provided for all of your site’s content management.


DNN Evoq's search engine allows visitors to quickly locate content on your web site. The search engine includes rich query syntax with support for Boolean searches, phrase searches, relevance searches, wild cards, fuzzy searches, and groupings. The result? High-powered search in an easy-to-use content management system.

Easily store, view and find documents online with DNN Evoq Content professional CMS

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Secure CMS: We make security a priority.

DNN Evoq Content .NET website CMS security

Website Security

We track all modifications to your website and provide a full audit history. Extended page, module, and folder level permissions allow you to provide CMS users with granular rights to view and edit your website within the CMS. The Security Center continuously feeds relevant alerts to your administrators with links to download relevant security patches.

DNN Evoq Content professional CMS active directory authentication

Active Directory Authentication

The DNN CMS provides Single Sign-On (SSO) using your organization’s Active Directory (AD) credentials, which offers a high level of security, authentication, and policy control. You leverage your existing investment in Active Directory, while reducing the amount of support calls.

DNN Evoq Content website CMS granular user permissions

Granular Permissions

Within the CMS, users and groups can be given permission to: view content, add child pages, add modules to a page, copy modules from one page to another, delete content from a page, export a page template, import a page template or manage page settings.

DNN Evoq Content .NET CMS professional application integrity

Application Integrity

Your installation files are checked against the standard release files. Any inconsistencies which may impact the reliability of your website are reported, including files that are out of date or which have been modified.

Robust, yet flexible eCommerce capabilities.


DNN Evoq Content professional .NET framework CMS is a powerful e-commerce solution


DNN Evoq's eCommerce module empowers you to quickly enable eCommerce on your web site. Our module supports PayPal and Authorize.Net payment options. With an eCommerce powered CMS, you get robust order management and flexible product display and checkout options. Product management, discount management, and dashboard capabilities are also included in the CMS .

Believe it: a CMS without limits for ultimate extensibility.

DNN Evoq Content CMS development API

Development (API)

Our CMS API provides developers with a powerful set of development libraries including jQuery, jQueryUI, and Knockout.js to build highly interactive web applications. It also enables CMS developers to easily integrate their web site with other websites or mobile devices .

Easily localize your website with the DNN Evoq Content .NET framework CMS


DNN Evoq makes it easy to extend your web site content to multiple languages. You maintain your web pages in a primary language and then manage synchronization across content in all additional languages.

Customize your website with DNN Evoq Content CMS skins


Make your web site stunning and unique via an assortment of DNN themes available in the Evoq Store. Nothing is out of reach.

Get help building your website from the DNN ecosystem of open source .NET CMS developers and partners

The DNN Ecosystem

DNN has a rich online community, thousands of CMS developers and hundreds of software vendors and consulting partners available to assist you with your content management needs.

We're here to help.

Get DNN Evoq Content CMS technical support from the DNN Customer Success Network


CMS technical support is available through the Customer Success Network (CSN), where you can access our Knowledge Base or submit a support request. DNN® support professionals provide first level support, with second level support by DNN® architects and engineers.

Find DNN Evoq Content professional .NET CMS documentation


Full CMS product documentation, including User and Super User manuals are provided on our web site. In addition, we provide a number of training options, led by our world class team of DNN® experts

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