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8/3/2016 5:37 PM

Hi Folks,

In DNN 7/8, is it possible to change the "Is Searchable" bool to enabled?

I created a custom module that originally didn't implement the ISearchable (ModuleSearchBase) supported feature in the module definition file.

I have since implemented the search feature and can't seem to get the module's install/reinstall routine to update the "Is Searchable" toggle.

My module definition file has this:


...and I also tried...


But that just doesn't seem to enable the search function, even if I change to the module's version number.

The FeatureController.cs file inherits ModuleSearchBase and there is a GetModifiedSearchDocuments method that generates the results for the indexer. It works on my development machine, but not the remote server despite the fact that the [SupportedFeatures] setting in the table [DesktopModules] is identical.

I am trying to avoid uninstalling/installing the module because I'd then have to reconfigure the module across multiple pages and re-insert all the data and images.

Hopefully someone can help!


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8/4/2016 11:16 AM
Well, I manually updated the DesktopModules table and changed the SupportedFeatures column. That worked, but I still would like to know why the SupportedFeatures column isn't updated based on the manifest during an upgrade. Do we have to do that manually in a query, or is there a way to set it in the API?
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9/15/2016 1:30 AM

Hey Phillip:

Sorry, I hadn't seen your question.  (It IS awful quiet around here lately, except for the ubiquitous code fascists ;-)).  My expertise is with the older versions of DNN, but I do know that they've replaced the whole search paradigm and no longer use ISearchable, if you are using ModuleSearchBase.  I believe it's because ISearchable is an interface, and the new way of doing searching doesn't require an interface to 'find' the search functions in each module.

So I'm a bit confused when you mention ModuleSearchBase *and* ISearchable.  Have you had a look at the new HtmlModule in the DNN source 8.x?

Have you seen this?

Probably you have.  So are you saying that you have provided the 'supportedfeature type='searchable'' and this did not work? Clarity helps...

Updated:  Oops.  I gotcha now.  I believe you are using the wrong syntax.  According to the above link, it's:

"<supportedFeature type='Searchable'/>" , instead of "<supportedFeature>Searchable</supportedFeature>"

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9/15/2016 10:24 PM
One good place to look for doing this is Chris Hammond's templates for module development. That along with his tutorials is a great place to start.

Another great source for current module development instruction is via Scott Wilkinson's tutorials at That is a subscription site, but the tutorials are superb.

Joe Craig
Patapsco Research Group, Ellicott City, MD
DotNetNuke Development and Services (
New Post
9/16/2016 7:48 AM
If you want your module to be iSearchable, make sure that in the moduledefinitions, the "Business Controller Class" is filled.
HomeHomeDevelopment and...Development and...Building ExtensionsBuilding ExtensionsModulesModulesCustom Module Using ModuleSearchBase DNN 7/8Custom Module Using ModuleSearchBase DNN 7/8

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