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9/11/2015 3:57 PM

I'm trying to have a login control and registration control side-by-side. I've managed to do this in a few ways but in each case, I have an issue where the Registration field validators are firing when the user clicks the login button with a mouse. It works fine if they enter the username and password in the login form and hit the enter key. So, how can I prevent the registration validators from firing when they click the login button?

In looking at the rendered code, I noticed that the enter key causes a "__doPostBack" but clicking the login button causes a "WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions".

If this were normal .NET code, I could set validationGroups but everything seems to be using the DnnFormEditor for rendering the Registration controls and the Login control (/DesktopModules/Admin/Authentication/Login.ascx) has all sorts of convoluted code that makes it very difficult to look at modifying that code.

I tried using the InteractiveWebs AdvancedLogin module but it seems really dated as was causing a variety of issues.

This should be a fairly common need as it's a common UI approach and it's disappointing there's not an easy way to do this using standard modules.

Any suggestions?

David O'Leary
Efficion Consulting
New Post
9/11/2015 4:20 PM

To clarify, here's what I'm seeing when I click the login button.


David O'Leary
Efficion Consulting
New Post
9/15/2015 12:16 AM

David, I reported this issue to DNN-19733 a long time ago, but it looks like it's been neglected. Please post your comment in the bug tracker and see if you can get them to re-open it. I agree, it certainly feels like a much needed feature and it's severely broken. It should also be an easy fix.


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New Post
9/15/2015 3:52 PM
Thanks Stephen. FYI you pasted the wrong link for the issue you created. The proper link to your issue is:
I'll add comments there.

David O'Leary
Efficion Consulting
New Post
9/29/2015 1:03 PM
I solved this with a bit of a hack by turning off the validation for the login form by using javascript. I injected a javascript file with the following to the page header.

$(document).ready(function() {
$('#dnn_ctr441_Login_Login_DNN_cmdLogin').attr('href',' WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions(new WebForm_PostBackOptions("dnn$ctr441$Login$Login_DNN$cmdLogin", "", false, "", "", false, true))');

You'll need to change the control id if you want to use this.

David O'Leary
Efficion Consulting
HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...Side by Side Login and Registration ControlsSide by Side Login and Registration Controls

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