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8/6/2015 11:01 AM

I need some help in trying to sort out the performance problems we have been encountering on trying to move to Amazon cloud.

My development setup was on local VM machines, but at rollout to production my IT people wanted me to move to Amazon cloud.

so they cloned my local machine up on the cloud, and exported the db to and Amazon RDS db.

we got that working, but after going live we have been hammered with 100% CPU usage, the site will run ok for a while but eventually get hit with 100% usage and slow down, even lock up.  We added Cloudflare in front of it to try to help, but that has not really improved things.  It ran fine over the weekend, at about 40% usage, we added Cloudflare on Monday afternoon, and Tuesday night at 5:25 pm we hit 100% again.  The logs don't show anything unusual;  the actual visitor rate is not that high...  the most visits are from googlebot.

we have used several server type, are currently at AWS c3.large

the server is AWS  c3.large,   IIS 8,  server 2012,   running several static support sites and the main DNN site

the database is on an Amazon RDS db. db.t2.micro

Does anyone have a recommendation from experience of what machines it takes on Amazon to keep a moderate DNN site operating?

thanks in advance.


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8/6/2015 11:27 AM
we are going to try moving the db instance up to db.t2.small

this DNN setup shows only 4-5 connections; another site we have running different .net apps, but on the same db.t2.micro shows 30-40 connections and runs just fine.
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8/6/2015 11:49 AM
I run about a dozen sites over three separate DNN installs on a t2.medium. I think medium is necessary to get the memory that DNN likes but they run without even breaking sweat. The DB is on the same machine.

TBH I cannot see how moving your DB up to bigger machine will make any difference at all.

What kind of volumes are you trying to serve? The sites on my Amazon instance are at the hobby level say 5,000 pages per month total (as measured by Google Analytics) so that ignores all of the bot traffic. OTOH if I ever look at the AWS instance it's mostly at 0% CPU and about 2.3GB (out of 4).

The same machine runs other services as well - it's not just the web and db.

I think there is something badly wrong in your DNN install.

Best wishes,
- Richard
Agile Development Consultant, Practitioner, and Trainer
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8/6/2015 12:02 PM
It looks like your c3.large has about the same max CPU capacity as my t3.medium. The t3 is hobbled by only allowing short period bursts up to max capacity. AFAICS I never get close to that limit.

I'd guess (wildly) that this much machine capacity could serve something like half a million page views per month. Probably more.

Best wishes,
- Richard
Agile Development Consultant, Practitioner, and Trainer
New Post
8/6/2015 12:09 PM

thanks for the information, Richard,

it is a big help, as we felt like we were going crazy and didn't know how far to push the Amazon capacity end.

I am starting an investigation into IIS process from the DNN site. to see what might be going wrong.

I do use some Multilingual 3rd party modules, and a google search module

otherwise most of my site is a massive shell for the xml module (which is core)  almost all my content comes from xml files, most hosted as local static copies.  this has never been an issue before.  the same xml / xsl processes have been in place on an older DNN site for years now, but just moved to DNN 7.2.2 and Amazon.


HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Performance and...Performance and...DNN 7.2.2 on Amazon cloudDNN 7.2.2 on Amazon cloud

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